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Impressions of a Wandering Mind Poetic Expressions

by Shailly Purohit and Ritu Saxena

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words." – Robert Frost

This is a book-length sequence of poems, stunning in its simple encounters with life and its experiences. The poems reflect versatility of experiences, gained on the journey of growing through life.

Poems from these two poetic pals inspire through their positive meaning to life and positive perceptions of unique experiences, which are paradoxically so generic to all humans. The apparent randomness of daily life accrues into concrete and insightful certainties.

This book of poems reads like a diary of the reader, with commonplace incidents taking the shape of extraordinary glimpses. The book features sketches, adorning the poems. The uniqueness of these pictures is that they hail from the authors' real life situations.

We can all savour these poetic expressions as an exhibition of pure and delicate lyrical embodiments.

The authors are school time friends, born and brought up in well-educated, egalitarian families in Lucknow. This is their debut book. For details visit www.poeticpals.wordpress.com


Impressions of a Wandering Mind





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