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Lily of the Black Woods

by Aqib Sabir

Format: Paperback

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What happens is not actually the thing happening. Real things hide behind the opacity of fakeness. Fakeness which is as widespread as the emptiness in my heart, which is the thread that stitches your incidences together and you begin to believe in the dogma called life.

Aqib Sabir, twenty-two, is an engineering graduate and hails from a small industrial town, Richha, in Uttar Pradesh. He rejected an engineering job offer because he believes his life is meant for understanding and creating art which he says he realized only after graduating. He also hopes to become a professor and teach English literature. Born to a father who is also an Urdu poet, he himself writes Urdu poetry. Some of his poetry has been published in an anthology called Wordwine. He currently lives in Noida.



Lily of the Black Woods





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