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On Love, Death and Other Sundry Matters… POEMS – Words on Wings

Author Name: Sandesh Pathak Format: eBook | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

This book is a date. With the poet in you.
With that fleeting, beautiful thought,
hidden behind that cloud of daily fuzz.
Sandesh Pathak nudges that cloud away; sometimes, not so gently.
The most complex thoughts
resolved into simple words.
You will meet Life here; and Love; and Death.
But all these are just sundry matters when Sandesh,
naval aviator, flight instructor, sportsman,
crystallises them into words.

A pilot with seconds to live, a despairing lover, a mosquito.
Just some of those who you will find yourself
inescapably morphing into,
on these pages.

His friends call him ‘Wordsmith’.
So will you.
Become a friend, that is.


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Sandesh Pathak

From his avatar in the Indian Navy, where he was a Naval Aviator and top-notch Flight Instructor, teaching pilots how to roll an aircraft off the top of a loop…

… to the role of a pilot flying for a leading carrier,

Sandesh Pathak has just metamorphosed. And this is his chrysalis, this book you now hold.

Born in Nagpur, raised in Bangalore, Sandesh’s love for language and poetry came from his parents. It has helped him understand this world deeper and to produce these prisms – making sparkles of brilliance from flashes of light.

Sandesh knows that the reason he can squash, play par for a course or take his flights of fancy in the real world and into poetry, is his wife Meenakshi, who according to him, is ‘mature, focussed and grounded’. Meenakshi stuck with Sandesh through his numerous postings and sacrificed her career as a Scientist at ISRO; but she still handles the rocket called Sandesh and their super-satellites, Chinmay and Sampada with the deftness in a southpaw’s late-cut!

Sandesh blogs at www.sandeshpathak.wordpress.com and can be reached at pathaksandesh@yahoo.com .