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Redeeming Fuzzy Reflections A Contemplation

Author Name: Dr Dushyant Kumar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

              The ‘Redeeming Fuzzy Reflections, A Contemplation,’ encompasses lifelike sketch of ageless stories gathered by diving deeper into the life and surroundings, adding a little bit fiction, wherever needed; judiciously conscripted powerful topics, are sure to leave the audience spellbound. A lucid collection of poems enacting unceasingly intense scenarios, touching heartrending themes on life, nature, human nature, pain, passion, love and desire and much more will capture reader’s mind for sure. The destiny of the author, who savored poetry during his lifetime of work, solely rests in the hands of the audience, who are supreme; if the words induce charisma to inspire them, it is an ecstasy for the yearnings that preceded.

              The human mind, the main surrogate of all bustle, withstands all mood shifts, counting on the nature of cognitions vis-à-vis love, kindness, compassion, anger, hate, greed and so on, like its perfect metaphor ocean conditionally changing colors. Human malice and intentions, by being insensitive to someone’s pain or hostility done to earth, fauna and flora, are heart wrenching, difficult to comprehend:

                          Hard to reckon, who the humans worship high

Love of fellas, or the woman’s vestal romance

Righteous trance on trees, animals and birds fly

Wrongs and sufferings, an awful ghost dance

But not by chance.


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Dushyant Bhola

                 Dr Dushyant Kumar, born and brought up at Dinanagar, Punjab ( India ), earned master’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Jammu, Jammu, India, topping the list of successful candidates; while pursuing Ph.d in pure mathematics there, had an opportunity to teach PG classes for two years. He was very popular among the students, as he could put things right into their heads. Published a few research papers in local and journals of international repute.

                  After joining employment in a Govt organization, enrolled for Master of Technology in Computer Science from IIT Delhi, India. An ex-Senior Research Officer, his work was adjudged to be of high standard and received ‘Certificate of Merit’ for his innovative and original work.

                  A poetry enthusiast from childhood, often his mother asked him to write hymns in the praise of God for a reward, while she dictated from a song book; an initial seedlings of poetry, that made it his undisclosed passion, irrespective of the language. On this endeavor ‘Redeeming Fuzzy Reflections, A Contemplation,’ he earnestly yearns for blessings of the poet community, audience and well wishers.