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The Everyday Stoic 365 Days of Stoicism to Make Your Heart Hurtless & Build Mental Toughness

Author Name: Navin Gavrani | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details
Amazon Sales Rank: Ranked #1 in Educational Philosophy

Stoicism is not about becoming heartless but it makes your heart hurt less. This book is an attempt to make you mentally strong enough to not let anyone influence you. Stoicism is not a concept you can learn from a 400-page book. It is a practice to become mentally strong so no one and nothing can take over you. I hope you enjoy one page of this book every day with a cup of hot tea/coffee in your hand. One page every morning of this book is like preparing yourself for whatever the day holds for you. It is about starting the day mindfully.

This book is an attempt to make your life easy with one page every day. It's not a book you can read and feel proud of yourself in one sitting. This book is all about implementation. Implementing the strategies and philosophy of stoics so you can change your life for real. I hope you build a mindset of a stoic when you read one page every day. If you read this book as per my guidance, you will meet with a new better version of yourself by the end of 365 days. A new version whose mind and values are strong like a stoic.

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Navin Gavrani

Navin Gavrani is a reader of his experiences and believes in living a life that is dedicated to the betterment of the world. He believes that if only we can become stoic with all our minds and hearts, then no external force can make us happy or sad. He believes Stoicism is not about becoming heartless but it rather makes your heart hurt less. He doesn’t have degrees from famous universities but he believes in the education of failures and real-life experiences.