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The Lull and the Whirlwind

Author Name: Subir Kumar Sen | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

‘The Lull and the Whirlwind’ is a debut poetry collection that features 116 poems written by the author over a span of three years, covering two different decades. The earliest few poems were written in the 1980s, while the majority of the collection was written in the current decade of the 21st century, marking a distinct separation of four decades. The book provides an intimate look at the world through the poet’s eyes, offering a personal account of his experiences and encounters. The poet draws inspiration from his own thoughts and emotions, and the collection encompasses a wide range of themes, including childhood, adolescence, nature, introspection, romance, fun and frolic, and even antics. The poems are meant to be a transparent portrayal of the poet’s feelings, conveying the bright sunshine, dark and dismal nights, upheavals, and everything he has gone through. The sincerity of the portrayal is evident in the poet’s quest to convey the interplay between the mind and matter, and the element of magic pervades throughout the collection. For readers to fully appreciate the collection, it is recommended that they read the poems at their leisure and take in the printed matter at ease. They can immerse themselves in the plethora of emotions conveyed by the poems, and be swept off their feet by the sheer depth and intensity of the writing. 

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Subir Kumar Sen

Subir Kumar Sen was born in Delhi during a fine Indian midsummer. As a child, he was awestruck by the magnificent red sandstone fort, sprawling gardens, and lofty minarets that surrounded him in the walled city. The archaic bazaars, filled with antique wares, further fueled his imagination and transported him to realms of fantasy. Subir has been interested in poetry since his childhood and wanted to capture everything he went through, everything he saw, and everything he could imagine in his writing. He drew inspiration from the great masters of poetry and began writing in his own small way. A lover of travel and people, Subir holds a degree in English and has also studied Italian. He is a professional Italian language translator and is multilingual, fluent in Hindi and Bengali as well. His work has been featured in publications such as ‘The Voices Project’ and ‘Rebelle Society’. To connect with Subir, he can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.