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The Parts I Kept Hidden

Author Name: Vedanshi Pahwa | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

This book is a compilation of poems written by a young author who hopes to express her emotions in such a manner that her readers relate to the phrases written. The poems mostly contain two emotions which she usually feels at peak — negativity and romance. Sometimes the words she comes up with are the words inspired by her greatest fears or by the most powerful and manipulative emotion, their Love. 

Is she really whom people see every day?

No, she hides behind the unique beauty of poems. Especially when ink on paper is often the only way for the author to express herself.

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Vedanshi Pahwa

Vedanshi Pahwa is a thirteen-year-old girl who loves writing books and getting reviews from her readers.

She feels like writing is the best remedy for her. Writing helps get her devouring thoughts in order. Her bond with writing eventually grew so strong that it worked as a balm to her heart. Her consistency in writing definitely contributed to her interest in becoming an author.

Ink and paper have become a place for her to express herself without any judgment. The thoughts she tells her diaries will never come out of her mouth because of her fear of speaking up; therefore, she writes fictional stories and poetry to tell the truths that consume reality.

She gives her characters flaws to make people realize that life is not about chasing perfection; it’s about giving your best. She hopes to give her readers a space between the pages to get lost when they are fed up with reality and characters to relate to.

Other than that, she’s an ambivert, loves swimming, animals (especially dogs), One Direction and fantasizes about fictional characters in romance novels.