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Umr Bayis

by Anand Saraf

Format: Paperback

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This book is a collection of poems, which would not talk about imaginary things. The poems speak about things that we see in our everyday life, things that we live with. This book talks about things, emotions and people we all encounter here and there; our affection towards family, gang of friends, and the passing of time, fear of failure, and every small and big thing that occupies our brain and heart. The poems in this book try and give words to those feelings that we experience but never speak about.

Anand started to write with the idea that “words give our feelings a face”. He would always put words to things he connected with. He started with articles in magazines and then continued with his blog. He always finds happiness in writing but he never considers himself to be a writer. He writes good or bad, he doesn’t know. For people, he is a commerce graduate, but he has always considered himself to be a marketing man. His friends think that he is a good writer, who also does a lot of other things. This is his first book. It is a compilation of poems written in Hindi.



Umr Bayis





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