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Notion Press Singapore Short Story Contest 2017

Chaos of Cinderella

By Poopathi in Fantasy

Once, there was a wooden house on top of the hill surrounded by pine trees, wild flowers and cowsheds. Magically, a little tiny glittery star falls from the sky. It landed right on a rose plant in front of the wooden house. The star changed into a fairy godmother. Interestingly, there is another fairy standing on the rose’s leaf and she is waiting for the fairy godmother.

Fairy Godmother addressed her properly,

“Oh my, it’s you Rebecca, the leaders of the fairy!”

“Yes, I am here to welcome you, Redlily, the godmother of Cinderella.

With full confusion, Redlily said.

“Thank You, but this is not the right time. I am supposed to be here when Cinderella needs me. I should help her to go to the ball next month. Not today! You have written the schedule wrongly.”

Without hesitation, Rebecca replied

“A mistake is a mistake. I cannot change the schedule now. You must help her immediately, you have no other choice. If you missed this chance, you are not going to help Cinderella again! Act fast Redlily, you are given 10 minutes!”

By telling this, Rebecca disappeared in one glance.

Suffering from shock, Redlily wasted five minutes. Cinderella did not need her help because she is in deep sleep and she is safe. Redlily murmured herself,

“Cinderella is sleeping and she is not in danger. I cannot wake her up. What should I do?”

As time runs, Redlily’s body was slowly disappearing. So without thinking much, Redlily cast her magic using her funky wand and brought a lot of books. Variety of books emerged from nowhere; there are books on martial arts, adventurous stories, skills, swordsmanship, tailoring, cooking and etc. She did not want to waste her opportunity to help Cinderella.

Redlily slowly vanished while saying

“I hope these books can help Cinderella, I can’t do anything else. I do not know how to help her, this is the only way. She needs to be independent without me around. Knowledge will help her! ”.

After a while, Cinderella’s stepsister, Anatasia walked outside of the house. She walked impatiently as always. The earth was shaken because she walks while stomping on the land. Once she saw the books, she screamed loudly and called Cinderella. It was a monstrous calling.

“Argghhh!! Cinderella! Cinderella! Where are you?”

Cinderella woke up from her sleep and rushed for the summons. She was followed by her little friends, the mice.

Her stepsister knocked her head and said

“What were you doing, how come all these books messed up our beautiful yard? Clean it up you dirty idiot!”

Cinderella was disheartened because of her sister’s words. Yet, she arranged all the books nicely. As she went through the books, she was interested on it. She did not want to throw it but if her stepmother or stepsisters found it out, they will burnt down the books.

Her little friends, the mice showed a signal and requested Cinderella to follow them. They lead Cinderella to a room full with boxes. Cinderella was glad to have the helpful mice as friends. She used the entire boxes to store the books. She brought it to her room. She stayed in a storeroom so no one in her family will enter her room. Therefore, she can read the books peacefully there.

At night, after everyone hit the sack. Cinderella burnt the midnight oil and started to read. She read the tailoring book and put the knowledge into practice. She sewed a beautiful dresses and shirts for the mice. Every day, there is a mice fashion show. They enjoyed praising each other’s costumes. It was the only entertainment for Cinderella. She enjoyed the books a lot, they widen her imagination.

With the books around, she can be anything. She can be a brave sailor and overcome great thunderstorm, she can enter ghost houses and she can fly in the sky and touch the rainbow. Everything is possible in her imagination. Adventurous stories of Jasmine, Belle and Mulan inspired her. She wants to be brave like them yet her patient stops her from doing anything against her stepfamily.

After few months, Luckyread Village was surprised with an invitation from the royal family. They are finding a princess for the prince! The palace organized a ball to choose a suitable bride for the crown prince. All Luckyread unmarried girls aged below 25 years are invited and eligible to attend the party. That means, Cinderella can attend it as well.

Luckyread villagers were so excited because the prince is getting married and some don’t want to miss a chance to be part of the royal family. The streets looked like a festival after the announcement was made. Everyone cheered for the king and sang a song while dancing around the streets. Classic musical instruments were played beautifully and it’s too lively.

After heard this news, Cinderella’s stepmother Lady Tremaine brought her two daughters Anatasia and Drizella for shopping. As usual, she neglected Cinderella. They shopped and wasted a lot of money. They bought shinny necklaces, pearls, rings, ribbons, dresses and all the beautiful stuffs to make them outshine in the party.

The mice collected one of the invitation cards and gave it to Cinderella. Cinderella eagers to attend the ball because she wanted to be like the princesses from the books.

On the next day, the whole village was so busy preparing to attend the ball. Cinderella opened the wardrobe and wore her mother’s wedding dress. It looked gorgeous but appeared to be old. Her stepsisters wore the newly bought dresses and their face filled with makeup. The overwhelming grooming made them look ugly but they thought they looked lovely.

After prepared for the ball, Cinderella happily said to Tremaine.

“Madam, I am ready for the ball.”

“You’re coming with us by wearing that lousy attire?”

Cinderella was discouraged by those words. Yet, she replied in hope that her stepmother will bring her to the ball.

“No, this dress looked fine on me. The king won’t mind I am wearing this. He invited me as well.”

Tremaine didn’t give any answer but Cinderella’s stepsister abused Cinderella with loud voice.

“You are a disgusting creature! How dare you want to follow us with that attire?”

Out of sudden, they tore off Cinderella’s dress; Cinderella was shocked and unable to do anything. She almost naked, she was embarrassed so she ran to her room while crying. She stood against her room’s door and cried unstoppably. The mice tried to make her calm but she still didn’t stop but something crossed her mind. She remembered everything that she studied from the books. She tried to recall about her role models, Anna, Belle and Jasmine. She stopped her tears and…

“Stop right there!”

Tremaine, Anatasia and Drizella were startled to hear that voice. It is Cinderella’s voice. Cinderella was holding a pail of black paint which she found in her room. Drizella started to tease her.

“How dare you stop us? What do you want to do with that paint? Do you want to paint the house wall?”

After Drizella said, Tremaine and Anatasia burst into laughter.

In blink of an eye, Cinderella poured the black paint on those three. They were speechless. After that, Cinderella grabbed her father’s sword which was hanged on the wall. She pointed the blade directly to Tremaine’s face and said

“No one bullies me after this! I have read enough. Knowledge improved myself. I will change myself from bad to good, from good to better.”

Tremaine and her daughters looked each other and never dare to say a word. They were soaked in a black paint and unable to attend the ball. They remained silent as they were still in a shock.

Without wasting time, Cinderella entered her room and started to repair her dress. She used all possible things that can be used for sewing. The mice collected all the wasted ribbons, clothes and other things to help in decorating the dress. Reading and continuous practice helps Cinderella remade the dress in a short period. It looked ordinary but still beautiful.

Another problem occurred; how to go the ball? Something reminded her about her father’s cart at the yard. She rushed there and tried to use the cart. Unfortunately, it was broken. Again she applied the knowledge that she gained from the book. She fixed the cart on her own.

With cart and a proper dress, she set to the ball. The mice climbed on her back and followed her. Sharp at seven, Cinderella reached the palace. Everyone was looking at her not because she is pretty or outstanding but it is because she looked artless. She grabbed people’s attention as everyone is shining with the glittery jewelries and expensive dresses. Only, Cinderella is wearing a simple dress without any makeup and of course just an ordinary rubber slipper and not even a glass slipper.

The palace guards pronounce the prince’s attendance. The prince walked downstairs to the main hall. Everyone was amazed of his good looking. He came in full package, rich, handsome and of course unshakable power. Something gained his attention, the ordinary Cinderella!. He walked directly to Cinderella, some collapsed of jealousy.

The prince said something softly to Cinderella,

“I didn’t expect a princess from magical pumpkin cart, a princess with gorgeous dress or a princess with beautiful slippers. I just want an ordinary girl to be my princess. I guess you suit the criteria. Do you mind to dance with me?”

The prince kneeled down and asked Cinderella for a dance. After this, the ending is predictable. Of couse, Cinderella and her prince were living happily ever after. Women is not always the sign of weaknesses, they can create wonders through knowledge and not through fairy godmothers. Educate a woman today!

Copyright Poopathi
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