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9 Cafes and Spots in Hyderabad Ideal for a Writer

  Do you sometimes find yourself completely devoid of ideas to write a good story? If so, you’re not alone in the world of authors. Writers’ block can be tough to handle; thankfully there are multitudes of ways to get inspiration to write. The atmosphere plays an important role in cooking up the right concoction to induce a creative flow. Also, it’s a good idea to constantly change your atmosphere when ...

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book cafes

9 Cafés and Spots in Delhi Ideal for a Writer

We writers are complex artists. We get inspired by the vibrant and colourful world around us and find ways to creatively convert that energy into the black-and-white world of text on paper. For some writers, the best work comes out in isolated places or within the four walls of their room. While some love working with different surroundings, like a book café and people around them. Whether you are writing ...

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9 Ideal Writer’s Cafe and Spots in Chennai

We hope you loved reading our previous blog '9 Cafés and Spots in Bangalore Ideal for a Writer.' We are back with more ideal writer's cafe and spots in Chennai.The Chennai literature scene does not need any introduction. From the famous Hindu Lit Fest to the incredible Chennai Book Fair, Chennai is known for being bibliophile-friendly. Also, read our blog on 9 Cafes and Spots in Mumbai Ideal for a Writer. All ...

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9 Cafes and Spots in Bangalore Ideal for a Writer

We hope you loved reading our previous blog on “9 Cafes and Spots in Mumbai Ideal for a Writer.” Yes, just like our city-wise book clubs series, we are going to bring to you city-wise list of cafes and spots that will be ideal for writers. No matter whether you are going to write or catch up with your city’s literary circle, these cafes and places are just perfect. We have ...

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NP Recommends #4 – Mystery Books To Die For

Over the last few weeks in our segment, NP Recommends, we have explored some great books by Indie Authors. In case you missed them, click here. This week let’s look at some of our books that are bound to keep you at the edge of your seat. Here is a list of the crime de la crime of murder mystery novels. Murder at Rutherford Hall By P.B.Kolleri Set in 1946 England, Murder at Rutherford Hall ...

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Notion Press’ Latest rises above a mere contemporary B-school fiction

The F**k-Up Chronicles by Sahiba Bawa under Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, is a refreshing take on those wistful collegiate years and one that carries a deeper social message. The story revolves around the young and unwavering Samaira Luthra in a ruthless world. For the very first time, she is away from home; she is truly in charge of herself. More importantly, it is her opportunity to explore herself ...

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writing tips

How to Write Better- Must Follow Tips

Here’s a strange but true thing about writing- it’s an art form that can never quite be described as perfect. Like any other art form, writing comes in multiple styles and presentations, so one can never truly judge one style as better than another. However, for us writers, the perspective is different; we look at writing as something that has to be perfect before it is allowed to go public. ...

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How to Write and Publish a Short Story

World renowned novelist Stephen King once said, “A short story is like a kiss in the dark, from a stranger.” Irrespective of the profession, it always helps to start small, and in the case of budding authors, a short story could catalyse a potential bestselling novel. Then again,to write and publish a short story poses its own set of challenges; while it may be smaller and more simplistic than a ...

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book launch

What is a Book Launch and How Does it Help Market Your Book

  This is it! It’s the most exciting day in your life and career as an author. After months, even years of writing the manuscript, it now rests in the palm of your hand. What do you do next? Launch it, of course! Now that you have solid evidence of your writing efforts, it’s time to let the avid readers out there know that there is something more to add to ...

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Book clubs in ahmedabad

Book Clubs in Ahmedabad That Every Bookworm Should Visit

Ahmedabad is developing fast; this gorgeous city is now considered one of the best places to live in India. In our journey to find book clubs across the nation,we halted here and its dedication to spread the love for reading impressed us. Here's an overview of the book clubs you can check out: Ahmedabad Book Club Despite its fairly young age (established in 2012), the Ahmedabad Book Club has quickly gained popularity ...

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How to research for your novel

An Effective Guide On How To Research For A Novel

One of the biggest questions that every aspiring author has is, “How can I effectively research for my novel?” The answer to this question holds the secret to what makes a writer an author. One of the things that many writers say is,"I have a fantastic concept, but I have no idea how to develop it."If you are someone who thinks on these lines, then this blog is for you. There ...

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writers retreat

Why Is It Important For Authors To Take A Retreat?

Being a writer in the current generation is quite stress-free and straightforward. From editing to distributing your books, you can leave all the worries to your book publisher, just sit back and write your heart out.  However, that being said, the art of writing itself is not exactly an easy job. A writer has to battle a number of roadblocks on his path to writing out a good manuscript, starting ...

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pune book clubs

Pune Book Clubs Every Bookworm Should Join

Ask any Punekar about a good read, and you're sure to be entertained for hours and hours of conversation. No matter the genre or age, Pune is right up there on the charts as a city with a whole bunch of voracious readers. Being the cosy next-door-neighbour to Mumbai, it's not surprising that the Pune demographic of young, hungry, trendy and tech-savvy individuals have a literacy culture. That culture has passed ...

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authoring tips

Zoe McKey, Amazon’s Number 1 Selling Self-help Author, offers Authoring Tips

The Transcript: [Music] Kiruba: Hello and welcome to a special edition of the First Book Podcast, where we get to listen to Amazon's number one selling self-help author Zoe McKey. But first, what is this first book podcast? It is the only podcast show that is targeted at aspiring authors. This is where we get to listen to global best-selling authors tell us how they cracked their book and they let us ...

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bangalore book clubs

Bangalore book clubs that every bookworm should join

The garden city of India, Bangalore, is known for its beautiful weather, amazing food, vibrant culture, and an impeccable fashion sense. However, a lesser known fact about this popular city is that it is home to several literary icons like Preeti Shenoy, Malathi Rao, Anita Nair, and Mahesh Dattani. The literary side of the city is quite active and book releases and public readings are common occurrences. Additionally, book lovers ...

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mumbai book clubs

Mumbai Book clubs that every bookworm should join

Mumbai reminds us of many things: Bollywood, beaches, fashion, shopping, food, monsoon, and what not! The most populous city of India is well-known for its literary population too. With famous authors like Devdutt Patnaik, Salman Rushdie, Shobhaa De, and Anant Pai hailing from this beautiful city, the city is one of the most book-loving cities in India. With a lot of book clubs that are functioning for years now, Mumbai ...

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how to market your book online

How to Market your New Book Online

All of us want our books to be read and be appreciated by everyone. It is any writer’s dream to be widely read and ensure that his/her books are made easily accessible. There is no doubt about the fact that quality content and suitable narration is the real hero of any book. However, the knack and knowledge to market and promote your book are also equally important to fetch the ...

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