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Notion Press Presents- Bringing Up Vedantic Mother

It was well said that having a child puts the whole world into perspective and everything else just disappears. Motherhood, all love begins and ends there. Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform presents- Bringing Up Vedantic Mother by Urmila Prabhu.

Bringing Up Vedantic Mother is the story of how a child gave birth to a good human being. It is a tale of how becoming a mother awakens the sensitive side in you. Author Urmila has recorded her valuable insights into how every interaction with her daughter made her more responsible as a parent and a most importantly, as a human being. This book is a brief account of how she became accountable for every act however trivial it may seem.

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Bringing Up A Vedantic Mother

In life there’s nothing as trivial; every moment is life-changing, every breath is precious. The author has narrated how she learned from her daughter to let go of the smaller things in life in order to achieve higher goals, to see opportunities in adversities, to not to be stronger emotionally and psychologically, to have empathy, to be a team player and if needed be proactive. In short, Urmila sharpened all of her soft skills through the journey of bringing up her daughter! Every moment as a mother is life-changing. This book tells you how!

The Author is an educator with more than 25 years in the field of education. She’s an award-winning teacher, an international storyteller, and a story coach. She has been to England on a school-link program several times. She also led a Vocational Training Team to Finland. Her passion for training through storytelling has taken her to the remotest tribal areas of India and to the most advanced countries of the world. Traveling and interacting with new people continue to give her fresh insights into different dimensions of life. For Urmila world is a stage to play, learn and become a better human being!

The little moments in life always rush fast. Author Urmila Prabhu’s book shows you why it is important to seize every moment, experience it to the fullest, and hold the memory close to your heart, especially if you are a mother. You may now get your copy of Bringing Up Vedantic Mother on the Notion Press Store!

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