how to write an adventure novel

How to Write an Adventure Novel

When it comes to write an adventure novel, the world is your oyster – primarily for two reasons. The first one being the startling amount of types of adventure your creative juices can quench. From periodic plots with oodles of drama (Read: Game of Thrones) to gripping fantasy novels with cover-to-cover excitement such as Harry Potter, there is an ocean of concepts you can get inspiration from. Find the right ...

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online dictionaries

Top 10 Online Dictionaries for Writers

If there is one thing us writers should be proud about, it’s our way with words. Writing is considered a skill that is developed naturally, especially in the flow of words that ultimately stitch a complete story together. However, there may come times when you will find yourself lost for words and unable to string that perfect sentence together; That's when some of our oldest friends - the best online ...

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how to make your book into a movie

How to Turn Your Book into a Movie Script

How to Turn Your Book into a Movie Script Books vs Movies, Movies vs Books- the classic argument between avid readers and movie buffs is one that will last for an eternity. For authors, seeing their books get converted into movies is an incredible feeling. Writing a movie script is different from writing a novel; even if you have the flair for writing, there are many elements of a script that ...

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coffee table book

How to Create and Publish a Coffee Table Book

  A picture speaks a thousand words. This is especially true when it comes to a vibrant and appealing coffee table book. Typically, a coffee table book is a high-quality, large book of illustrations and photographs meant for casual reading. As the name suggests, it’s usually placed on a coffee table in a lounge, so visitors can browse through the book to get inspiration or start a pleasant conversation. With evolving ...

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writing inspiration

Seven Quotes to Inspire You to Write

Being an author might not be the highest-paying job in the world, but it definitely is satisfying. Despite writer’s block and the competition out there, it is a wonderful feeling to be an entrepreneur and take control of your life, and writing allows you to do that. Whether you aspire to write a thriller, an autobiography or a romantic novel, use these quotes to inspire you to write! Ever wondered what ...

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become bestselling author

How to Make your Book an International Bestseller?

  One of the most common questions that writers ask bestselling authors or aspiring authors ask publishers is, "How to make my book a bestseller?" Let's accept it – who doesn't want to market and sell their books to a huge audience? Apart from getting the obvious sales profit, having a bestseller to your credit has a lot of other privileges as well, like building reputation, sharing your story with the ...

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Seven Rules of Working with an Editor

What is the most important process that needs to be done before one publishes a book? Is it finalizing the manuscript, designing the book cover or planning marketing strategies? Actually speaking, the most important process is editing a book, and at the same time, learning how to work with an editor in a cordial manner. Below are the Seven Rules of Working with an Editor which you should abide by ...

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how to write manuscript

How to Effectively Turn your First Draft into a Complete Manuscript

The feeling you experience when you complete a novel could be anything from exhilaration or relief, to even anxiety. Yes, you will be relieved because you finally completed that novel. However, the thought of what’s next could scare you a lot. Most writers, especially first timers, think that the first draft is the final version that is sent to publishers or editors. Well, the truth is, NO! It is a ...

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How to research for your novel

An Effective Guide On How To Research For A Novel

One of the biggest questions that every aspiring author has is, “How can I effectively research for my novel?” The answer to this question holds the secret to what makes a writer an author. One of the things that many writers say is,"I have a fantastic concept, but I have no idea how to develop it."If you are someone who thinks on these lines, then this blog is for you. There ...

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book theme

How to Find the Right Theme for your Book

What is the one thing that makes a book stand out among the plethora of books in the market? What makes a reader recommend a book to their peers? There are many factors that influence a reader’s purchase, like a captivating title, an attractive book cover, a remarkable blurb and great reviews. But, the aspect that answers both of these questions mentioned above, is the theme of a novel. A book's ...

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writing challenges

How Writing Challenges Will Help Authors

Being a writer can have its perks; you write without restrictions, you earn plenty provided your book sells well and, there's a chance that your book is adapted into a movie. But, like most other professions, writing comes with its set of challenges, which are arguably the hardest to overcome. Ultimately, the challenges you face only make you better as a writer. So instead of sweating over them, learn to ...

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new year resolutions for writers

11 New Year Resolutions for Writers

It is such a disheartening situation for writers when they find themselves dragging their feet across the floor, slumping on a chair and ultimately finding it impossible to put pen to paper. But there’s no reason to wallow in this situation. The New Year brings promise to many---a chance to start fresh and the motivation bubbling up inside to finally cross off those age-old resolutions, which of course turns into ...

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poetry collection books

How to Turn Your Poetry Collection into a Book

You're a poet and you know it, but do you have the ambition to let everyone else know too? If so, the best way to bring about awareness for your collection of poems is to turn them into a book. Every aspiring author knows that earning reputation means being known as someone who published a worthy read. Here is a great guide to turn your poetry collection into a book. While ...

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harry potter fan

11 Books to Read if you’re a Harry Potter Fan

Expelliarmus, Stupefy, Expecto Patronum! Those magical words we loved reading, watching and occasionally imitating. J.K Rowling took the world by storm with Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Six books later, it's still hard to shake off that Floo Powder.The Harry Potter series was successful due to its ability to transport us from the real, mundane word to a fantasy so compelling that we spent months eagerly waiting for our ...

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guide to writing and publishing an anthology

A definitive guide to writing and publishing an anthology

An anthology is a collection of selected writings by various authors, and usually, the several stories or writings are in the same literary form, of the same period, or on the same theme. Alternatively, it can also be a collection of selected writings by one author. These days, anthologies are very much in trend. For starters, they are quick reads. Readers can read the book at one stretch or by taking ...

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quotes about reading books

7 Awesome quotes that encourages people to read

Reading is not just a hobby. Reading educates you, empowers you and changes the way you look at things. And there are millions of other reasons as to why you should take up reading. But to start with, here are 7 awesome quotes that encourages people to read.   Very true. Have you tried gifting a book to anyone before? Well you must.     Your book will always be there for you. Just were ...

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