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kanta baiTitle: Kanta Bai Pvt Ltd

Author: Payal Mittal Talwar

Genre: Biography

Attention all Kanta Bai(s) a.k.a. mommies, next-door-aunties, cousins, or anyone who is a working stay-at-home mother or father. Kanta Bai Pvt Ltd is the revelation you have been silently craving for. So, hold still and be ready to shout “Amen” every time you agree with what Kanta Bai (Payal Mittal Talwar) has to say.

Hi! Meet ‘Me’ alias Kanta Bai (at least in my household!), a ‘work-from-home’ mother of two, who loves to laugh and live life, all in the midst of a chaotic household of growing teenagers, their friends, traumas and dramas. Throw in a frisky pet, an unpredictable husband, some coffee pals and a few relatives, and you have a kaleidoscopic view of a routine day in the life of a mom. Now, add in a couple of demanding clients, deadlines and conference calls, and whoooosh! you get a heady concoction with a home-bound professional mom, who steers through a series of chaotic, frenzied and funny anecdotes of life.


A couple of hours, about a dozen cups of coffee and a lot of concentration later, I have my e-mails, phone calls, clients and the client’s boss in order and happy! Time to hit the home chores now because, I, after all, work from home for a reason, right? So, off I go to live out that reason!

The reason? Weeeelll, mental deficiency could be one! Self-hatred, atonement for past sins or just building up resilience could be others. We once debated this at the Moms Club – the reasons varied according to the current state of the mom and the number of children she had. In the end, we had to abort the discussion because of the deep emotions it stirred – and resorted to continuing with the immense belief power of universal oneness and shared strength!

Why we loved this

Kanta Bai Pvt Ltd is a hilariously molded biography, which focuses on the everyday struggles of a working stay-at-home mother who juggles her day job and her chores at home. While the book talks about a working mother and is targeted at that group, the style of writing, however, resonates with anyone who loves satire. The dark humour is a coping mechanism of the life of this multi-tasker. The book is a window into the author’s personal life and she’s made sure not to sound whiny, but instead, she uses the right amount of humour to help put the pieces of her life together.

Embrace yourself for some self-guilt from laughing too hard at Kanta Bai.

You’ll Love it If

You enjoy shows like Gilmore Girls, Desperate Housewives, The Goodwife, The Partridge Family, and movies like Enligsh Vinglish and Bad Moms.

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