NP Recommends Week #11 – Best of Poetry

With Season 3 of the lockdown here, we hope you and your family are safe and sound at home. This week in our segment, NP Recommends, we have handpicked some of our best poetry books published by our Indie Authors. You can use our Read Instantly platform to begin reading these books online even as your physical copy makes its way to your doorstep. Here is a list of books you cannot miss.

Travels with Myself

Joachim Matschoss

The haiku that punctuate Joachim Matschoss’ travels work as luminous mile-markers, cryptic road signs and legends on maps that trail off into myth and legend. Matschoss understands that the language of intimacy between humans extends to interactions with landscape, history, animals and weather. These haiku find the sum of their many parts in a palpable immediacy and longing. Click here to Read Instantly.

Echoes From Deep Within

Dr. Manoj Mathur

Dr. Mathur’s Echoes From Deep Within ardently captures human emotions in the rhyme and rhythm of Haiku poetry. Whether it talks about the depths of love or the heights of ego, it emotes the journey of life influenced by anything from family and friends to love and politics through very simple three lines of Haiku. Click here to Read Instantly.

That Man in the Circus

Siddharth Sharma

What is it to be as random as a thought? To trapeze your way around them. The book explores the many themes of life, love, lust, friendship, feminism. It speaks in borrowed voices. It employs some shocking vocabulary that renders the rational reader speechless. This book is a journey of a different kind. One moment you are admiring the blue sky packed wonderfully inside the windows of a moving train and the other you are free-falling into a pile of death, destruction and nothingness. The geography of this collection is as unpredictable as a human, its mood as random as a weekend. It is the story of that man in the circus. Click here to Read Instantly.


Nikita Bastin

Nikita Bastin’s first collection of poems, Anchor, explores society and its forgotten. Bastin walks through her existence with spirit, a temper, and the wonder of a child beginning to comprehend grief. She reflects on her growth, breathing life into everything from Shere Khan of The Jungle Book to the woman across her condo, and finds herself at the conclusion: “It has become too late for my heart.” Bastin’s collection is a quest, a hunt that never quite succumbs to panic; slowly and deliberately, she searches for something to hold. Click here to Read Instantly.

Rain in the Attic

Shyla C. George

There is a varied often subtle and original portfolio of poems. Some of the imagery is beautiful and stark and a number of the poems are charged with sad honest humanity. The natural warmth and acceptance of the speakers of many of these poems give them a melancholy charm. Click here to Read Instantly.

We hope you enjoyed the list! Catch you next Monday to explore more books!

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