NP Recommends Week #16 – The Tales of Life

How have you been? Looking for the best fiction novel? With so many new arrivals to choose from, it can feel almost impossible to choose the right book to read next. Whether it’s the best debut novels of the year or the good old classic novels, the choice is always hard.

So this week in our segment NP Recommends, our editors have picked the best contemporary fiction books published by our Indie Authors. You can use our Read Instantly platform to begin reading these books online even as your physical copy makes its way to your doorstep. Here is a list of books you cannot miss.


4 Acres

By Rekha Dugar

The Bajoria family was large but their house wasn’t big enough to accommodate everyone. After the heads of the family, brothers Radheshyam and Anand, lose their legs in an accident, all hell breaks loose. The family-of-15 begins to crack as the brothers’ children start bickering constantly. 

That’s when the daughter-in-law Ria calls her brother Ayushman to build a house for her family. As a young and handsome Ayushman lands in Kolkata from Singapore, he quickly learns that he isn’t the only architect in line for the project. That’s when he convinces his two best friends, Biswajeet and Jackie, to join him on an adventure of building an architectural marvel and exploring the riches of West Bengal. 

Who finally gets to make a billionaire’s house? The three carefree and youthful boys or the architect tycoon Mittal, who’s as sleazy as they come? Click the link to get your copy.

The Reserved Category

By Amandeep

Whenever we say ‘friendship,’ some people come to mind. This is also a story of a group of three friends who must have come into each other’s mind while saying the word. What is the reality of Raj? What is really going on between Shazia and Alex? What is Zakir’s cowardly mission? Start from the beginning and find out all the answers in this fictitious tale, which is like an emotional roller coaster. The author hopes that the ending will leave you with a smile on your face and maybe if his crush reads this book, she might be impressed. Click the link to get your copy.

Sand & Sea

By Ann D’Silva

Not every story begins in the here and now. Some transit through time never-ending. If time were to cease, then some things would live forever…

It began in the garden beneath which rivers flow, the place where the Sand and the Sea were born before creation ­– the first soulmates, the two halves of one whole, the two parts of the eternity sign.

A part Koli, East Indian Catholic, Hannah lives in Mumbai where the Sea always watches over her. Yet her dreams are haunted by a voice that calls to her through the breeze… True love walks beside her in another life, yet she is unable to find a way back in time.

Riddled with disappointment and distressing heartbreak, she is hopelessly drawn to the path the Universe has laid before her feet. Drawn to Istanbul, she finds part of the puzzle in the Ezan of the Blue Mosque. Click the link to get your copy.

Once upon a Time in College

By Gumlat Maio

Between handling cadavers with bare hands, pestering female batch mates as an unknown caller, only to be caught red-handed and to be delivered tongue-lashings by seniors, and a hostel littered with human bones, Gaam, a first-year medical student who has never ventured out of northeastern India before, develops a crush for a north Indian girl; only to be thwarted in his efforts by his flirty room-mate.

He meets the first love of his life – Sonam, an insecure, unpredictable Darjeeling girl – only to add to his confusion, leading to a breakup, with no explanation from Sonam.

Gaam’s life is forever bombarded with confusing advice from a busy senior and a roommate on how to handle girls. Will Sonam ever disclose the reason for the breakup? Will Gaam ever learn how to handle women? Irreverent and humorous, Once Upon a Time in College is replete with Gaam and his friends’ stupid, unforeseen misadventures. Click the link to get your copy.

Through Lemons & Peaches

By Shivangi Ruperee

Through Lemons & Peached takes you on a journey through life and its endless chase for success and love. Click the link to get your copy.


We hope you enjoyed the list! Catch you next Monday to explore more books!

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