NP Recommends Week #25 – ♀ in Poetry

Poetry has always been a doorway to a Myriad of Emotions which has provided a platform for a variety of voices that were previously unheard. There are countless volumes of poetry written by women who deserve our praise, so this week on NP Recommends our editors have handpicked some of our best Women Poets. You can use our Read Instantly platform to begin reading these books online even as your physical copy makes its way to your doorstep. Here is a list of books you should not miss.


Looking in the Dark

Simar Bhogal

Our identity can be a confusing and mysterious area to explore, and even though the world expects us to figure out who we are and get our lives together, the truth is, that we can’t always pick a category for ourselves, and why should we? It can be difficult to find the right words to explain your existence, so Simar Bhogal, decides to look where no one else is, in the dark. ‘Looking in the dark.’ is a blackout poetry book that explores identity in a personal, cultural and global context through an amalgamation of writing and art. Click here to read instantly.


Deepika Srivastava

Miscible is a collection of poems on love, friendship and emotions – a dream composed and cherished over the years that has finally found its way! It’s all about the feeling of being in love… its words will touch your heart and make you nostalgic. Some would be deep enough to give you a realisation that all is momentary and only love is till infinity. Some would make you reminisce the memories of lost love, friends that have chosen different paths and the old you. Some are about the eternal love of nature and the beauty of the world that we live in… 

Miscible will make you revisit your old self just to make you believe that love is forever and for keeps. Click here to read instantly.

An Unquenchable Excess of Love

Anjutha Ranganathan

Love, a four-letter word that rules the world, is the ultimate source of immense pleasure as well as the deepest pain. It creates magic as well as havoc. This collection of poems looks at love from every angle, to paint an honest and beautiful image of what it means to fall in love.

Let’s take life as it is. We are all humans and love is inevitable to us. ‘The Falling’, ‘The Breaking’ and ‘The Healing’ is what’s supposed to happen to us. Otherwise, if lucky, we only fall in love and a forever. An Unquenchable Excess of Love is for someone who has loved so passionately and has faced tremendous destruction by it and ultimately grown, become wise and shone out of it. Click here to read instantly.


Kruti Desai, Divya Padhiyar

The book is a reflection of the need of the day to expose the contemporary picture of a society which nowadays inclined toward technology, practice to remain much intellectual, follow narrow thought practice and stay aloof from nature. As an expecting outcome to lead technocrat robots to get rid to be pseudo-beings toward their journey enforcing to remain a genuine one. The book will leave the readers with a certain question to rethink on such matters in many ways. Click here to read instantly.

UnMarry Me

Vani Kabir

Unmarry Me is a collection of uncommon poems explaining common hurtful emotions that come with divorce; emotions that one constantly try to forget but find it hard to do so. It’s a faithful read for those late nights when you lie awake in your bed and are all alone. Every poem will make you relive a moment and each exercise in the book will help you let go of it.  This book is that understanding partner that you always longed for. So, begin your affair with it and let it reveal the magic of self-healing to you. Allow it to replace the pain of your divorce with self-love. Make this book a ritual and see it turn you into a firebird. Click here to read instantly.



We hope you enjoyed the list! Catch you next Monday to explore more books!

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