Back to the Future: Planet of the Fruits Banner

Notion Press’ Latest Thriller Sci-Fi – Back To The Future: Planet of The Fruits

Somewhere in the distant future in the 24th century CE, some light-years away exists a planet inhabited by the race of fruits. Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, presents Back To The Future: Planet of ...

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Notion Press presents a book of poetry that holds the essence of hope even if lose yourself

Even in the darkest of times, we can find our way back, because it takes losing ourselves to find and love ourselves again. Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform presents Lost and Found by Madiha ...

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Life In Different Colours Banner

Notion Press’ Latest paints life in vibrant colours and shades

Life is like a rainbow. You need the soulfulness of the sun and the gloominess of the rain to bring out its vibrant colors. Exploring the uniqueness in various facets of life, Notion Press, India’s leading ...

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The Flight of A Stone Bird Banner

Notion Press’ Latest is a unique, enlightening and inspirational account with its autobiographical genuineness

From explorers who claimed an inhabited continent as their own, to refugees fleeing the violence and turmoil of their war-torn motherlands, an immigrant's life has never been close to easy. However, beyond the politics of ...

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Dubai Heights Banner

Notion Press’ Latest looks past the mirage to narrate authentic women’s stories

When living in a large, fast-paced city like Dubai, everyone shares the metropolis mindset; walk and no talk. However, this has never been true for Dubai particularly as the city that is often high on ...

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Notion Press Presents a YA book about creating the world – Elemental School

What if one has to create the world? What are the skills, the knowledge he needs to assimilate in order to do it? To do so you have to study in ‘Elemental School’ and learn ...

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