Book Villains

9 Book Villains We Love to Hate

Have you ever felt that you wanted to enter into the book that you are reading and kill that one character that has been snobby, annoying, and cold throughout? Yes, we have felt that way ...

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Chanakya Radhakrishnan

Chanakya Radhakrishnan’s Secrets to Prolific Book Writing

The transcript: [Music] Kiruba: Hi there! If you're here, there's a good chance that you're interested in becoming an author or you're already one. Good choice because this is one of the very few dedicated podcast shows ...

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authoring tips

Zoe McKey, Amazon’s Number 1 Selling Self-help Author, offers Authoring Tips

The Transcript: [Music] Kiruba: Hello and welcome to a special edition of the First Book Podcast, where we get to listen to Amazon's number one selling self-help author Zoe McKey. But first, what is this first book ...

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book writing tips

Hindustan Times’ National Business Editor gives Valuable Author Tips

The transcript: [Music] Kiruba: Hello and welcome to the first book podcast - a show that is dedicated to helping people achieve their dreams of publishing their first book. In this podcast series, we have conversations with bestselling ...

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Yogesh Chaabria

Yogesh Chaabria shares Tips behind Authoring Six Books

Here's the transcript of the podcast: [Music] Kiruba: Hello and welcome to the first book podcast. India's first and only podcast dedicated to helping first-time authors. In this podcast series, we have conversations with bestselling authors and ...

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book lover

Confessions of a Book Lover

Ever since I started reading, I have been in love with books. They have been my best friend and soul mate. It is more than just a hobby; it is part of my everyday life. ...

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