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Parenting tips for Indian Parents ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ This old saying may sound a bit exaggerated, but if you are a parent, old, new or yet to be one, the proverb just might hit home. Indian families are known for helpful grandparents, aunts and uncles, who help with everything from changing diapers to giving advice to teenagers.

However, urban Indian parents who live in nuclear families don’t always have a village or may need more than a village to help with things like answering their kids’ questions on sexuality, preparing them to become responsible global citizens, dealing with ‘gadget addiction’ or just communicating effectively.

That’s where Parenting Tips for Indian Parents comes in handy. Whether you’re thinking about becoming a parent or have a teenager, this book has everything you need to know about raising a responsible and happy child. Written by a counsellor and a parent, it offers simple and practical advice that is sure to have long-reaching effects on parents, children and in turn society.


Whatever you permit, you promote. If your child is getting his way at 3 by throwing tantrums, then he will throw tantrums even at 30, and at that time, it will not help him in any which way.

You have to help your child develop the skills he’ll need to cope when people say “no” to him in the adult world.

Why we love it:

Though it offers good advice, it is not preachy. It teaches us to communicate with children in such a way that they would actually want to listen. It helps us realise that children are not just members of our family but members of society, reinforcing the much-needed social responsibility aspect of parenting.

You will love it if:

If you like books like How to Raise an Adult, films like Parenthood; if you’re thinking about having a baby or if you want to up your parenting game.

You can find this book on Amazon and our Store. 


Title: Parenting Tips for Indian Parents

Author: Deepa Chaudhury

Genre: Self-Help


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