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Finance for Value Creation All True Businessmen Do It

Author Name: Pramod Jain | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

Everyone on this earth, without any exception, wishes to do exceedingly well on a continuing basis in his or her business or chosen profession. The inherent desire is to create value and live a meaningful life for the benefit of everyone. For achieving this, one needs to have a good understanding of the relationship between Value Creation and Finance. Firstly, this book will empower you with this understanding.

Secondly, this book will also help you understand what drives businessmen across the world in their decision-making process, at times involving billions of dollars. Likewise, it will familiarise you with the main drivers used by the members of Top Management across the globe for controlling businesses which are spread all over the world or the ones which are confined to the boundaries of one country.

Likewise, from reading this book, you will gain a very good understanding of the core financial statements which reflect the financial performance, position and management of business resources. You will realise that these financial statements not only are informative but interesting as well.

From reading this book, you will also get answers to many of your questions relating to finance which you always wanted someone to answer for so many years.

Even though the book is on finance, it is written in a very simple manner, totally devoid of unnecessary jargon, to make it not only easy for you to understand but also simple to apply in your day-to-day life for achieving greater Value Creation.


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Pramod Jain

After working for twenty years in the corporate world, holding senior positions, Pramod left his very lucrative corporate job in August 2004 to pursue his passion of teaching and training. Since then, he has travelled extensively and delivered series of training workshops and seminars at more than forty locations across five continents.

His focus in training is on finance, IFRSs, motivation, leadership and work-life balance. He has also coached top executives across the globe.Some of his popular training workshops are “Living with Sharks, Yet Growing Joyfully”, “Awaken the Winner in You”, “IFRSs Demystified” and “Finance for Everyone”.

Pramod has twelve qualifications to his credit which includes MBA, Chartered Financial Analyst, Cost & Management Accountant, Company Secretary, Bachelor of Law and Chartered Accountant. This is perhaps the highest number of credits by anyone across the globe in the domain of finance.

He has received many awards and accolades throughout his life, including the Group Studies Exchange (GSE) Scholarship from Rotary International.

Pramod is passionate about work-life balance – not only in practicing it but also in promoting it. As a regular follower of yoga himself, he has conducted yoga sessions throughout the world.