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Author Spotlight: Lolita Jude – Spectra


Ms.Lolita Jude, an enthusiast has been into the field of teaching for the past 25 years. She is a passionate teacher and an avid reader who loves to make the lives of children a galaxy of wonders and amusements thereby imbibing values and lessons for life. She has authored a book Poems for all Seasons in 2013 and she is now all set to spark the children with her new novel Spectra.

Briefly explain about your book.

My book is a work of fiction with realistic elements. It is the first of a planned series of mystery novels (which feature the same five characters).

What do you feel is the USP of your book?

Even though the book is a children’s book, it may also appeal to an adult. It is ideal for the family.

Who are your target audience and how do you feel this book is going make a change in their lives?

My target audience are children aged 11 to 16. The characters in the book have high aspirations and do their best to achieve their goals. They could serve as role models and help the readers to strive towards succeeding in their endeavours as well.

How long have you been working on this manuscript?

I worked on this manuscript for a month, writing for a couple of hours daily at a specific time.

Could you share some interesting incidents that you encountered on the course of building your manuscript? 

It was amazing how my mind directed me to write at precisely the same time every day and as always, I am stumped by how much I still have to learn. This I realized while I researched certain facts.

How did you make up your mind for self publishing?

I have always wanted to have my work published. The traditional method of publishing is uncertain and several times you do not know whether your work is even being evaluated. It may get thrown into the thrash without being glanced at. Self publishing on the other hand gives an aspiring writer a fair chance.

Your views on the publishing process that you underwent at Notion Press.

Notion Press, I would like to give you a standing ovation. You are thorough professionals and work at an amazing pace. I submitted my manuscript for evaluation and in two weeks, my book was published. The diligence and commitment of your team is exemplary.

What do you think has been the advantages working with Notion Press?

Unlike other Self Publishing Companies, Notion Press combines the traditional method with the freedom of self publishing. The author is gently guided throughout the project and the project manager ensures that the author is given every assistance to make the book a quality product.

What are your marketing strategies?

I am posting the link provided by Notion Press on the social networking sites and am also asking my friends and relatives to assist me to market the book.

A small piece of advice to the upcoming authors.

Self publishing is well worth a try. Follow your dreams and get published. You never know what the future could have in store for you. Even J.K. Rowling was not known till she published her first book.

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