tips for writing

Writing for an Audience

So, you've decided the topic or a theme you want to write about, haven't you? When you're sure of what you're going to write, you've to now think about your target audience. Sounds like a marketing jargon, right? Target audience is nothing but the readers of your book who would dedicate their time and money to read your book. You should know who your target audience is, how to address ...

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Writing Fiction Using Snowflake Method

  This is going to be a bit of a lengthy post. So, let's get things straight. Snowflake approach to writing a novel was conceived by Randy Ingermanson, an award-winning author. In this approach, you design your book from scratch – starting from a single line description of your story to developing it into a full-fledged novel. Here, you will know how to manage your creativity, organize your ideas and infuse them ...

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what is writer's block

What is Writer’s Block and How to fight it?

  If you've been staring at your monitor for a really long time trying to write something, you're suffering from what writers call a writer's block. It is something that every writer goes through while writing. It is an inevitable part of the writing phase where you feel you've exhausted your creativity and your ability to weave words into meaningful sentences. You needn't worry. Here, you'll come to know what causes ...

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importance of proofreading

The Importance of Proofreading

Contrary to what writers thing, proofreading is not an add on process for writing. It is an impotent step that allows you too go back to what ever you've written, read every line of youre text, and make any connections to the errors you've done while writing and fix them so your final draft is free of errors. Something's wrong with the text above, right? To be honest, this is how ...

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Phrasing Dialogues

Phrasing Dialogues

'Vince, I think we should break up', announced Sandra. She was fed up of Vince's attitude toward her relationship and wanted to part ways with him. "But, but, why, Sandra? I thought we were fine", exclaimed Vince. He was baffled because he thought everything was going fine between them and he least imagined Sandra wanting to break up with him. "I do not know, Vince. Your attitude has been irritating me. Why ...

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importance of world building

The Importance of World-building and Setting for your Fiction

Imagine Harry Potter without Hogwarts, Titanic without the ship, and Avatar without Pandora. How would the book or the movies look and feel? Will the plotline and characters be as much interesting as they are now without the setting? I doubt it would. Settings or worlds in books play a very crucial role. As an author, you may focus on building your character and plots to write an engaging book. ...

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the table of contents

How to Effectively Draft the Table of Contents of Your Book

When you intend to write and publish a book, you have to be sure everything is perfect and well crafted. The same applies to table of contents of your book. One of the primary reasons I'm emphasizing the importance of table of contents is that a lot of aspiring writers I know underestimate the importance of table of contents. They see it as something to do after writing a book ...

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creating characters

How to Create and Understand Your Characters

Creating characters is one of the very first things you should do to even have a solid storyline. Your story is brought to life by the characters you create and what you to express to your readers are conveyed through your characters. Now, many writers and authors have shared with me the difficulties and concerns they face when they sit down to create characters for their book. I say it is ...

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Book Cover-design Tips

Essential Book Cover-design Tips

We have to be honest about two things as far as book publishing is concerned: People do judge a book by its cover. A lot of great books are turned down by readers because of poor cover-design. We cannot deny the fact that people open to reading all kinds of books pick up those that have a well-designed cover. In my experience, I've seen a few authors who overlook the fact ...

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Writing Goals

Setting Up Writing Goals

As an author, there are two things that could actually kill your writing, procrastination and a writer's block. While some aspiring writers, who have huge ambitions of becoming a bestseller, seldom start off with writing, those who have written a couple of chapters face the problem of getting stuck in the middle. Both will lead you nowhere in your writing career. But, don't worry. We are here with a solution, “ ...

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how to make a writing portfolio

Comparing Traditional Publishing and Self-publishing

Now I know what self-publishing is all about. So, what next? Next is to understand the difference between Self-publishing and Traditional publishing. Remember that each has its own share of pros and cons and the decision on which type of publishing to choose depends on your preferences on what works best for you. Traditional Publishing Now, traditional publishers are like investors. What do investors do? They find great opportunities and invest. As investors, ...

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places for writers to write

Best Places to Write

Do you have a feeling you're suffering from a writer's block and that you are not able to proceed any further with your book? Perhaps it has got something do with the place you are currently writing your book. Have you ever thought about the fact that the mood of your surrounding has a major influence on what you write, and how you write? Bizarre but true. The place that you ...

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What is Self-publishing

To all those curious souls who wish to learn what self-publishing is all about, here's the answer: It's all about you. The best way to illustrate this concept would be to imagine self-publishing as a business, as a startup. How do startups popup? There is this great, revolutionary idea that you have in mind, you work on it, analyze your target audience, manufacture the product or master at rendering your service, ...

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