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The Earth of IllusionsHighlights:

Title: The Earth of Illusions
Nano P Bott and S. Dave
Genre: Sci-fi, Thriller, Drama

No one would believe if one told another that balance exists in this world. Imperfect beings are complete while perfection is incomplete. The biggest threat to the unfortunate ones is themselves. Their wars and disputes have led to warfare by annihilation, causing the wary ones to frequently interfere.

Demon, Yokai, and the Mythological Beast are quite adept at hiding and blending with the world. Many years from the Current Common Era, they are warned of a certain unfortunate one who would start a war. Now, that it’s almost time, strange occurrences intimidate the world and the new student, Huo Qi, knows something more than she has led us to believe. She knows a secret – a secret that the world will soon find out.

January 10, Year 2149, School children have mysteriously disappeared while embarking upon a field trip. A group of children from the CSAEI have mysteriously disappeared while they embarked to Mt Tenzen.
January 17, Year 2149, the only student found was a 13-year-old Qi. She kept mentioning something about “them” coming faster towards her than the time it took for sixty clicks of a quartz crystal. She then said that it had been “activated” and they left her alone. Her neck had some strange scratches upon it.

Why we love it:

The Earth of Illusions is packed with twists that hit you one after another. The book helps you build a world in your mind with its description of the future. That said, every character is well-rounded and adds momentum to the compelling storytelling.

You will love it if:
If you are a fan of sci-fi thrillers, you are sure to enjoy this book. Enjoyed watching 2002’s Equilibrium? Then you are sure to enjoy this. Manga fans who loved Attack on Titan will love this too.


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