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Mission, Vision and BullshitBook: Mission, Vision and Bullshit

Author Name: Y.G.Nash

Genre: Humor, Office Humor

Mission, Vision and Bullshit is a book that reveals the inner workings of corporates in a humorous and sarcastic light, making it a guidebook of sorts for the uninitiated. The book touches upon all the different kinds of people one will meet in a corporate office and the countless shenanigans that the upper management and co-workers are always up to. The readers experience the daily-life of Shawn, a new corporate employee. If you’re working for corporate, you’ve either seen these things happen or you’re about to.



Easy communication. Corporates love to improve communication. With an open floor plan, picking up a telephone or sending an e-mail is replaced with “Hey You”. Tossing an object at a person’s head is another handy way of getting one’s attention. This is not always considered good etiquette. Choosing to hurl a wad of paper risks hitting the wrong target. You can hit a middle manager in the head if not careful.

Open space=open minds. When a white-collar person opens his or her mind too much, anything might slip in. If you open your mind to the hottie seated next to you it can get complicated. You can also open your mind to someone else’s idea that you end up hating. You might have tried out this new idea, which results in an epic fail. If the dimwit is seated next to you, there is nowhere to hide.

(After a weekend of renovating the office space, the employees walk in to a completely different office. Don is the one who made the secret renovations)

“Surprise!” Don walked on to the floor. “I took a great deal of your input and combined it with what we know to be proven effective. I think this is going to improve productivity by 37%. That should make everyone happy“

“You will have to excuse me Don. We were perfectly happy with our rate of productivity. Who the hell is this “we” you are referring to? More importantly – Where is my stuff?” Shawn asked

Why we loved it:

We loved “Mission Vision and Bulls#it” because could recognize and relate to the things about corporates we’ve come to know and love (HA!). The book takes corporate life and breaks it down into its funniest elements while still maintaining the seriousness of the scenario. It talks about real events, like how a baseless rumour can cost someone a promotion, or how a not-so-baseless rumour can get someone  a divorce (especially if you’re married to one colleague and sleeping with the other, that’s usually just a bad choice to make). The book also elaborates on how a lot of times employees simply do not get their say in certain matters, especially when the decisions involve a direct change in their day. The book offers valuable insight on the do’s and don’ts of a corporate workplace, it first made us laugh, and then it made us think.

You’ll love it if:

You’ll love this book if you enjoy shows like “Parks and Recreation”, “Yes Minister”, “Boston Legal” and even comic strips like “Calvin and Hobbes”.

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