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Once upon a time in collegeCollege teaches a lot more than the subject you opt for, and medical student Gaam learns this and more in his first year at North Bengal Medical College, where he meets a lot of colourful characters with whom he has several misadventures.

Gaam, who is from Arunachal Pradesh, ventures to Siliguri to pursue medicine, but ends up pursuing a lot more, including girls, playing pranks and just enjoying his college life. With interesting characters like Prem bhai, Lokha, Slash, Handu, Holy-One and the gang of girls collectively called GPRS, this is not hard to do.

Filled with comic situations and characters, Once Upon a Time in College is sure to make readers either relive or look forward to college life.


In Prem Chopra’s world, all girls were flowers, and he was just a honey-bee forever busy with one flower or the other, always spreading prem (love) everywhere. (Of course not the real-life Prem Chopra who was infamous for appearing in almost every Bollywood movie of the 60s and 70s where he always molested either the heroine or the hero’s sister.)

Why we love it:

The light-hearted narration that brings out the funny side of what would not be so funny if it actually happened to you is what makes the book unputdownable.

Its zany characters and situations, though unique, are sure to resonate with readers, both young and old, leaving them nostalgic.

You will love it if:

If you like films like Three Idiots, books like Five Point Someone, TV shows like Greek, or if you want to relive your college days, then this book is for you.


Title: Once upon a Time in College

Author: Gumlat Maio

Genre: Romance, Comedy

You can find this book on Amazon and the Notion Press Store.


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