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that man in the circusHighlights:

Title: That Man In The Circus

Author: Siddharth Sharma

Genre: Poetry

A husband realizes his wife is cheating on him. A student feels stifled by the education system. A partner feels inadequate. A lover spends a special Christmas with a better half. A girl hurts herself.

These are just a few of the many stories told in Siddharth Sharma’s That Man In The Circus.

What is it to be as random as a thought? To trapeze your way around them? This book is a journey of a different kind. One moment you are admiring the blue sky packed wonderfully inside the windows of a moving train, and in the other, you are free falling into a pile of death, destruction, and nothingness. The geography of this collection is as unpredictable as a human, its mood as random as a weekend. It’s the story of that man in the circus.


A dream of you that light dispels

Murders it within my eyelids

As if it were an unborn girl

There is nothing, no mourning bells

To mark the death of a royal thing

On this bed where morning fell

At our rough and ragged feet

It was but a hopeless ring

To you my lover

To your long abandoned digits

Yet I love this glorious hell

For it has kept my hopes abreast

And Rocked me to sleep When the dim night fell

Yes the dawn is a rotting pest

It drills holes in my skull

As if it were a woman’s opinion

A dream of you that holds great freedom

Within an inch of skin spread over my eyes

The curtain falls

The show begins

Why we love it: The author has a unique way of expressing himself and uses shocking imagery to convey his views on various issues. The unapologetic and take-no-prisoners writing style challenges the boundaries of traditional poetry, and the author addresses topics such as unrequited love, relationships, sex, betrayal, addiction, terrorism, and society in general. Readers interested in offbeat will definitely enjoy this collection and fans of modern poetry will definitely pick up what the author is putting down.

The many things we feel and the various ways in which we think are a huge part of what makes us human. Feelings such as regret, loss, elation, confusion, and triumph serve as major themes in the book, and readers will experience a range of emotions during the reading experience.

Writers who are afraid of breaking conventional writing norms can also draw inspiration from this collection of poems.

You will love it if: Like the movies of David Lynch and Darren Aronofsky and the music of Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper.

You can find this book on Amazon and the Notion Press Store.


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