NP Recommends: Why you will love Manifesto of Soul

Title: Manifesto of Soul

Author: Civazee Nondare

Genre: Poetry

This collection of poems is titled Manifesto of Soul but after reading it, it seems more like a manifesto of forgotten humanity.

This collection speaks of the true form of unconditional love, how in a fake world of simulated acts stimulates love with a burning desire that fails to reach eternity and immortality, protests against wars, discrimination, communalism, and all conspired strategies of deserting humanity from people’s heart these poisonous thoughts inject each new generation’s veins; this depresses the poet and he strives to convince everybody that they are one human entity, one soul, and its one manifesto.

When we read “Manifesto of Soul”, the poetry seemed to invite us to rest and ponder. The poems then promptly blew us away with their depth. The poet writes on love, its joys, its sorrows and, the pain of its absence. It touches upon how we all fear death but fail to realise how little time we really have to experience life in all its splendour. It invites us to look at the struggles of humanity from an “outer” perspective.


The little poem born inside me

Let it bloom and blossom like a palm tree

And give peace and serenity to all visitors

Strangers who stop, exhausted

Show them indications of eternal beauty

And signs of infinity in a little fist

All on one side, the mighty strength of positivity

Thousands of shades of colors on every cozy, suffocating,

Suppressed- mind, in this festival of love.

This dark side of our bitter history,

And subtle enemity of venom, wiped out.

Why we loved it:

Manifesto of Soul is a poetry book that talks about emotions that are usually suppressed. This book strips away all preconceived notions we possess on life and offers us a fresh perspective. The beauty of these poems is that they maintain a universal outlook, allowing different readers to see different sides to each poem, which made it fun for us to compare notes with our friends after we all read the book. The poet also pens down his hope that we will one day be a world united, as opposed to the fear and distrust that fills it today. The book left us with a much-needed modicum of peace & hope, and we are wiser for reading it.

You’ll love it if:

You enjoy shows & movies like Glee and La La Land. And if you love poets like William Wordsworth, Lang Leav, Sarah Kay and Rupi Kaur.

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