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Notion Press’ New Book Love at S.U.G.A.R is a Story of Love Between Human and Robot

India’s largest self-publishing platform, Notion Press, is coming out with its latest novel, Love at S.U.G.A.R by Tonmoy Banerjee that spills beans about a never heard of love story. Tonmoy is a successful entrepreneur at ...

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Aur Kya Kehne ko Baaqi Hai Banner

Notion Press Presents A Five Course Poetry Book – Aur Kya Kehne ko Baaqi Hai

Our soul is always yearning for something more, quite often we are left feeling pangs of hunger, our souls never fully satisfied. Yet, poetry has the capacity to feed those stray tendrils of hunger that ...

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Notion Press launches a book of poetry that imbibed with the perspective of a 20-year old

Though many may say let go of the past and move on it is not so easily achieved, is it? We are only human after all and we often carry the burdens of yesterday into ...

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Notion Press’ Latest perfectly captures the life of every Indian Graduate

Many of us would heartily agree that the Indian education system is an unrelenting pressure cooker in which every student is bound to reach their boiling point. However, be it academics, personal issues, or classic ...

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Notion Press’ Latest on Propelling your Sales with “SalesMoonCurve” mechanism.

In today’s competitive world, growing your sales year-on-year while being profitable is sufficiently challenging. Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, presents A Salesperson’s Honeymoon by Avinash Kunchurkar. This book talks about an unconventional & eccentric ...

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Notion Press’ Latest Social Commentary – I Am a Girl

A journey that takes us across many spectrums in search of the answer to this all-important question - What is most important for a girl? Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, presents I Am a ...

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