Internship Diaries- Aditi Shah

When I first came to Notion Press, I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that I loved reading and this was a publishing house, so I was excited about the possibility ...

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The Great Indian Obsession-The Untold Story of India’s Engineers- NP Recommends

Title: The Great Indian Obsession Author: Adhitya Iyer Genre: Travel and Humor Price: Rs. 199 Number of Pages: 153 Indians are obsessed with 3 things- cricket, movies, and politics but one peculiar obsession that is not talked about enough is engineering ...

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North Indian Madrasi

The North Indian Madrasi-NP Recommends

Title: The North Indian Madrasi Author: Sheela Iyer Genre: Fiction, Autobiography The North Indian Madrasi is a short and simple book about the life experiences and the journey of a South Indian who grew up in North India. The ...

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Kanta Bhai Pvt Ltd

Kanta Bai Pvt Ltd- NP recommends

Title: Kanta Bai Pvt Ltd Author: Payal Mittal Talwar Genre: Biography Attention all Kanta Bai(s) a.k.a. mommies, next-door-aunties, cousins, or anyone who is a working stay-at-home mother or father. Kanta Bai Pvt Ltd is the revelation you have ...

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NP Recommends – Why we love Management by Duffers

There are moments in office when we feel like killing our bosses, right? No, don’t deny it. We aren't suggesting that you do. That said, whenever you do feel that way, we hope you pick ...

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Mission, Vision and Bullshit

Mission, Vision and Bullshit- NP Recommends

Book: Mission, Vision and Bullshit Author Name: Y.G.Nash Genre: Humor, Office Humor Mission, Vision and Bullshit is a book that reveals the inner workings of corporates in a humorous and sarcastic light, making it a guidebook of sorts for the uninitiated. The ...

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