importance of world building

The Importance of World-building and Setting for your Fiction

Imagine Harry Potter without Hogwarts, Titanic without the ship, and Avatar without Pandora. How would the book or the movies look and feel? Will the plotline and characters be as much interesting as they are ...

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the table of contents

How to Effectively Draft the Table of Contents of Your Book

When you intend to write and publish a book, you have to be sure everything is perfect and well crafted. The same applies to table of contents of your book. One of the primary reasons ...

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creating characters

How to Create and Understand Your Characters

Creating characters is one of the very first things you should do to even have a solid storyline. Your story is brought to life by the characters you create and what you to express to your ...

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Book Cover-design Tips

Essential Book Cover-design Tips

We have to be honest about two things as far as book publishing is concerned: People do judge a book by its cover. A lot of great books are turned down by readers because of ...

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Writing Goals

Setting Up Writing Goals

As an author, there are two things that could actually kill your writing, procrastination and a writer's block. While some aspiring writers, who have huge ambitions of becoming a bestseller, seldom start off with writing, those ...

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how to make a writing portfolio

Comparing Traditional Publishing and Self-publishing

Now I know what self-publishing is all about. So, what next? Next is to understand the difference between Self-publishing and Traditional publishing. Remember that each has its own share of pros and cons and the decision ...

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