books by women for women

Great Books Written About Women by Women

Vanquishing conventional stereotypes, women in today's world have made deep impressions in all areas of study, play and research. Women's literature has always been a genre near and dear to the hearts of many. Numerous ...

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books that make you laugh

Books that are guaranteed to make you laugh

Books have the power to do so many magical things, they can make us feel many emotions all at the same time. They teach us, inspire us and some of the best books that make you ...

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sibling relationship books

11 Popular Novels that Explore Sibling Relationships

Siblings they are our best friends as well as our worst enemies. If you have elder sibling(s), you would have already gotten a sneak-peek on how your future would be; from bullying to dating, from ...

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bangalore book clubs

Bangalore book clubs that every bookworm should join

The garden city of India, Bangalore, is known for its beautiful weather, amazing food, vibrant culture, and an impeccable fashion sense. However, a lesser known fact about this popular city is that it is home ...

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Iconic Libraries in India

11 Iconic Libraries In India That Will Leave You Spellbound

Libraries are beautiful. Apart from the knowledge and exposure they offer, the mere architecture of these structures are majestic; therefore, to bookaholics, libraries are a place of worship or even heaven. As if just being ...

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Social Media Marketing Blunders

Social Media Marketing Blunders to Avoid when Promoting your Book

  The entire world relies immensely on social media to build brands and connect with world. Of late, social media has become the platform for writers and authors to promote their books, interact with readers, and ...

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