legal issues in publishing

Five legal issues every author should be aware of

Publishing a book is not just about coming up with a story line and writing a great story, there are more dimensions to this. There is an important domain that needs to be kept in ...

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What you need to know about Print-on-Demand

You won't call it unfair if I told you that technology is influencing everything it's touching. Thanks to the rapid advancements due to consistent research and development in the publishing industry, several changes have set ...

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Phrasing Dialogues

How to Avoid Short Dialogues in Fiction

Writing dialogues is the second most difficult part of writing novel, the first one being avoiding them. There is no single rule as to how to write dialogues. However, it's always a good practice to ...

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Authors should have a Facebook Interest List

Marketing Gear: Why Self-published Authors should have a Facebook Interest List

Are you finding that your Facebook Author Page generates less response than before? One of the most annoying things about social media is how it keeps changing its rules, what we might be using today, might ...

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manuscript writing

How to organize your manuscript

A book is usually organized into Front Matter, Body Text, Back Matter and Cover Page. Some of them are mandatory and others are optional. In this post, we will look at some of the important ...

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promoting a book

What to promote Book or Author? And when?

There has always been constant chatter about promoting a book versus promoting the author. Here is my take on when you should promote a book and in what cases creating an author platform works. Promote the ...

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