paris book festival

Authors journey from self publishing to being mentioned in Paris Book Festival

The Paris Book Festival 2016 happened not so long ago and among books written by some of the greatest writers in the world, A Middle Class Dream, a book penned by an Indian settled abroad, ...

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promote books

How to Promote Books on Instagram like a Pro

  If you feel you're an author who doesn't need to be on Instagram to promote and market your book, you're wrong. Now, I personally know a lot of authors out there who feel Instagram is ...

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what is writer's block

How to deal with Writer’s Block

Writer's block, the inevitable brain fry that happens to every writer. The symptoms include, staring at the computer screen, fingers hovering over the keys and you feel like you have selective amnesia and have lost ...

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best books for history buffs

10 Amazing Historical Fiction Books For Every History Buff

Historical fiction, whether or not you consider yourself a fan of this genre, you cannot deny the  popularity it has gained in the recent times. Generally speaking, any story that is set in a time ...

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Parallelism What Writers need to know

Recently, I happened to meet an aspiring writer, who wanted to talk and discuss the book he is planning to write. We spoke over the phone, exchanged some ideas, and ultimately decided to meet at ...

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How to write an Autobiography

Lets begin with the blatant truth. Before you embark on a journey to write an autobiography, you will need to ask yourself one question Why would someone want to read your autobiography? An autobiography is a ...

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