How publishing a book helped Belgium based vet Dr. Juliet become India’s leading animal expert

Dr. Juliet grew up In Belgium, in the North part of the country, Flanders. She is a Doctor in Veterinary Medicine and has a university DVM diploma with a post-graduate in Chinese medicine at IVAS (International Veterinary Acupuncture Society) and a teacher at BEVAS in acupuncture and Food therapy. After spending nearly 18 years around the world accumulating a wealth of knowledge on animal health, she has carved a niche for herself in the field of integrative medicine where she combines allopathy with alternative methods such as Acupuncture, Homoeopathy, Ayurveda, food therapy, and phytotherapy. Perhaps the most intriguing fact about Dr. Juliet is that in less than 3 years after moving from Brussels to Chennai, she is now regarded as one of the top Pet Consultants in India. So how did a Veterinarian from Brussels Belgium become a household name among pet owners in India? Read on.

Life as a Veterinarian

Her journey into the world of alternative healing began when she, along with her husband Francois, took a 1,20,000 km road trip from 2008-2011 to volunteer with wildlife conservation centers in Vietnam, Thailand, and Australia. They traveled for over 40 months and tended to exotic species like gibbons, wallabies, bears, and also horses, pigs, and cows. On returning, she started studying about indigenous healing methods.

Authoring and publishing her first book

One of the most significant moments in Dr. Juliet’s career as a Veterinarian occurred when she realized more than 70% of her treatment is done using traditional methods – food, massages, needling — a combination of all these elements. She firmly believed that a healthy diet is one of the most effective methods to prevent diseases in pets and she decided it was time to share her knowledge with everyone else. This led her to write and publish her first book – Healthy Dog, Happy You: Secrets to a Thriving Life with Your Best Companion. Through the book, Dr. Juliet teaches dog owners in India a holistic approach towards maintaining the health of their pets using anecdotes and experiences from her three years of working in Chennai.

Becoming the #1 Best-Seller on Amazon

The book wasted no time in propelling Dr. Juliet’s stature as an animal expert in India. In fact, in just a matter of weeks, after its release, it hit the #1 rank on Amazon in the Pets category. This accelerated success of the book was down to a couple of important factors

Dr. Juliet established her credibility in the field of integrative medicine for pets through her successful practice in Chennai. She had helped tons of pet owners see positive results with her techniques, spreading word of mouth among her clientele and building a solid platform for herself.
With a population touching 1.3 billion, India is home to millions of pet owners and pets. However, not all the breeds of pets are conducive to the environment in India. The book addresses the biggest pain points for the millions of pet owners in this country who are looking out for the well being of their pets. She manages this by providing answers to crucial questions like:

1. What should you be aware of before adopting/buying a dog?
2. Is pet food the only food you can give your dog? What are your other options?
3. How much exercise is good for your dog?
4. Is training your dog going to be hard? How do you do it?
5. How can you play an active role in keeping your dog healthy? How does it impact your life?

To put it simply, When a well respected and credible expert in his/her field addresses some of the biggest problems for an audience, success is more or less inevitable. This is precisely what happened in the case of Dr. Juliet.

Post Publishing Fame:

The success of her book not only had a catalytic effect in spreading knowledge about Dr. Juliet and her integrated techniques but also had a positive impact on her career as a veterinarian. An increasing number of pet owners in India, started to recognize the problems discussed in the book and approached her for consultation. The more popular the book became, the more awareness Dr. Juliet built and the more her reputation also grew among pet owners in India. It was not long before all of this caught the attention of the media. Full-blown interviews and articles were published about the good work she was doing, which went on to further cement her position as one of the top pet consultants in India.

The future

Dr. Juliet is not resting on her laurels by any means now. She has set herself a mission to impact the lives of 1,00,000 dogs and their owners in the next few years. She also hopes to work more on species-appropriate food and wants to train more vets on holistic medicine.

When asked what keeps her going she remarks – “Pets are pure love, and we should be grateful for them because they give so much more than they take from us life,”

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