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Celestial Descent Poetry for and from the Soul…

Author Name: Kiran Sandhu | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details
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Celestial Descent is a collection of illustrated poems that each of us has, at some point in our lives pondered upon in search of a deeper meaning to life and all that there is. Our quest, quite contrary to what we think is beyond the material self and stepping in to take a descent, you might find yourself in a deep conversation while sipping on Tea with the Buddha or having an engaging discourse with Rumi, the Sufi Mystic. As you descend further, the manifestations of Nature have some lullaby’s to sing to you. The melodies are bound to take you closer to the revered touch where you shall experience deep love, finding joy in sorrow, looking at the wonder of your own breath and more. In the final descent you shall find the shrouds being lifted on many of our inner turbulences to then dance the dance of oneness and marvel at the miracles of what we call life and all that is!


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Kiran Sandhu

Having being engaged in intense academic preoccupations, taking her to various parts of the world in the last two decades, Kiran, with a Masters in Development and Planning from University College London and a PhD in Urban and Environmental Planning from Griffith University, Australia, decided to switch gears from academic genres to the creative realm of poetry. It was then that this piece of poetry, her first venture, was born. In months preceding the writings, what began as small encounters with the self, gradually manifested into a forage inside the larger dimensions beyond the self and perhaps the quest that shall take a lifetime or beyond. Kiran is currently based in the Holy city of Amritsar and shuffles between India and Romania, her second home, being married to a Romanian Citizen.