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Author Name: Arpit Maurya 'advait' & Neerudhi Aaradhya | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

Vikramaditya is a story of an emperor who was the king of a great empire named Aryavarta. Zimrilim Kirdama is the dragon king who wanted to destroy the whole kingdom. Why did he want to do it? Will he succeed in this? To know these answers, go through the book. 

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Arpit Maurya 'advait' & Neerudhi Aaradhya

Neerudhi Aaradhya is an Indian author who had co-authored the book Vikramaditya. As being a science student, Aaradhya is quite interested in literature too. Reading stories and exploring logical things is one of the hobbies of Aaradhya. The story of Vikramaditya is Aaradhya’s, and Advait had written it. For Aaradhya, writing is something in which there is so much to explore and that is what is being done in the writings of Aaradhya.

Arpit Maurya 'Advait' is an Indian novelist and poet. He was born on 4 October 2004 in Argoopur Kalan village of Jaunpur district (Uttar Pradesh) in a middle-class family. His mother's name is Renu Devi and his father's name is Lal Chand Maurya. He was very interested in reading since his childhood. His grandfather, Ram Priti Maurya played a crucial role in developing this interest. He was Arpit's first teacher. Growing up, he was fascinated with listening to stories, and this interest led to some early exposures of writing some of his own stories. Later he started writing novels and poems too at the age of 12. It was his dream to be a writer and it came true when his first novel got published. Arpit is actively writing in Hindi, English, and Urdu. He is a lover of nature which could be easily seen in his poetry. Arpit has written five novels, four poetry collections, and one academic book.