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Yoga Healers The Dynamic Healing Guide For Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Author Name: Kunal Christopher | Format: Paperback | Genre : Health & Fitness | Other Details

On the day of my awakening, I understood a deeper meaning of spirituality. As time passes, I felt a sense of calmness and realised the gifts that yoga can bring into life. 

This led to another beginning of my life – ‘Yoga Healers’.

I knew I didn't wish to limit my knowledge to a small room but share it with the world. Hence, as a strong community and with the motivation to bring positivity, we are releasing our book, Yoga Healers. 

With the blessings of higher powers, we have launched a three-part long series associated with different aspects of yoga. 

This is the first part out of three divided categories of the Yoga series. It carries numerous discussions revolving around this practice, such as the origin of yoga, methods and means by which an individual can incorporate this practice in their life and much more. The book aims to bring awareness about yoga throughout the world. 

This book is recommended if you are looking to begin the yoga journey or various poses for distinct benefits or simply long for knowledge. 

Furthermore, this book is very helpful for women as well as children who can start different but appropriate techniques of yoga.

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Kunal Christopher

‘Life is a roller-coaster journey. Yoga ensures you enjoy every bit of the adventure.’

–        Kunal Christopher 

Life is like a surprise, with each phase new paths unfold. Kunal Christopher, our author, never thought of writing a book to motivate others, that too for meditation. Struggles are part of life, so was it true for Kunal. As he was pursuing graduation, his life was filled with unsolved questions. The sense of instability in his mind was affecting his life. One day he found himself in a situation that was impossible to look past. It was a turning point of his life from where his transition phase began. And soon he stepped into the world of meditation and yoga. This was a world of wonders which brought relief to his life. Surely, things weren’t smooth initially; it was full of sharp turns and rocks, but he made it through. The practice of meditation had brought drastic change and turned the tables for him. He firmly believes that meditation wakes a person up, even before death does, and so he has presented his book to enlighten the world about the auspicious results that yoga brings in life.