NP Recommends: Why you will love The Small Hours

small hours


Title: The Small Hours

Author: Palak Loyalka

Genre: Thriller, Drama

The Small Hours is a book that explores the depths of emotion in terms that are heavy yet simple. This book brings out the reader’s inner artist/poet/dreamer with the way it describes each feeling in its entire poetic splendor. Reading this book is also certain to make readers listen to their own heart and soul.

“No problem. You can help me find the wood for the bonfire! You’ll feel better. Trust me; this place is not for a gloomy mood. Look around, man! When was the last time you were in such an I-want-to-live-here-eternally-and-gain-nirvana kind of place? Come on! That’s the mood you should be in. Let’s have a good time.”

We’ve all thought of just running away from work and life, but if you wanted to run away from yourself then where would you go? For Savina, the answer was Goa, where she meets a gay couple. Her time with them would go on to change her life forever. She sees their optimism in the face of adversity, the pure love they share in just a look, and even their happy smiles at just being alive. Surrounded by such amazing people, slowly feels her heart heal itself, she feels her scars smoothing over. However, sometimes a fairy tale ending is simply out of the question.

Palak Loyalka’s writing is different from what you’d normally see in a book. She somehow brings together the black-and-white of depression and the colors of life perfectly in a form of writing that can only be described as poetic.

You will love “The Small Hours” if You enjoy books like Francisco X Stork’s “The Memory of Light” and Julie Halpern’s “Get well soon” and even poetry by poets like Lang Leave and Percy Shelley, or motivational books like Chicken Soup for the Soul series. You’ll also love this book if you enjoy movies like  Dear Zindagi A walk to remember, the fault in our stars, and other feel-good films.

If you would like to buy this book, you can buy it on Amazon or the Notion Press bookstore.

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