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Notion Press’ New Book “The Zen Sheep – your inner Zen Master” is a unique book that will open your mind

Notion Press, India’s largest self-publishing platform, is coming out with an exciting comic “The Zen Sheep- your inner Zen Master” that is a book for all age groups. Crafted by renowned Cartoonist Guruprasad, the fully ...

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Notion Press’ latest book reveals the art of leading a blissful life

India's leading self-publishing platform Notion Press is all set to release 'The Root Cause; Ayurveda, Astrology and Beyond for a Blissful Life'. Written by Capt. Alok Jain who served in the Indian army as a Short Service Commissioned Officer, the book explores the connection between contemporary science and ...

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Notion Press Launches a Story of Love in College and Responsibility for Our Lives

It is perhaps one of the greatest questions that we face in our lives – How does love happen? We can’t foresee when we’re going to fall in love. But when we do love, how ...

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Notion Press’ Latest Thriller – The Legacy of the Heirs

Family, intrigue and inheritance are all essential ingredients for a good old thriller story, and here’s one right up your alley. Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, presents The Legacy of the Heirs by A. ...

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Notion Press presents a compilation of stories of humans written in shades of grey

Humans are difficult to read and assimilating all the information regarding our response to stimuli differs from person to person. Perhaps, that is why we are considered so inherently complex because we are unpredictable and ...

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Notion Press presents you a book of short stories that show you the beauty even in difficulties

As we navigate this thorny path called life there comes a time, an instance which changes us, a moment in our life where everything falls to pieces. Notion Press, India's leading self publishing platform, launches ...

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