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Author Name: Neetu Bhatia | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

This book has been designed keeping non-native English learners in mind and it will enhance the knowledge of every English learner. The main objective of this book is to sharpen the language skills of every English learner by using a broad base of adjectives.

Vocabulary plays the most important role in gaining proficiency in effective speaking and writing the English language. Without learning vocabulary words, one can neither speak nor write good English. Therefore, an attempt has been made to include 150 different types of adjectives in this book which will further widen the lexical base of English learners. 

Learners will not only learn a plethora of new words but also the given ‘Synonyms’ and ‘Antonyms’ with ‘Example Sentences’ of those 150 selective adjectives will help them in a better understanding so that their grip on these English words becomes stronger.

Sufficient exercise tasks including questions and answers are given at the end of each lesson so that the learners can check their performance by self-scoring. As a bonus, a Mega Quiz is added at the end of the book which is compiled from all the 15 chapters. If these exercises are done well, coupled with regular speaking practice, learners will be able to remember these words for a lifetime and gain excellent speaking proficiency. 

Needless to say, this book provides ample learning along with guidance through immense explanation and exercises so that these words can be used effectively in real-life situations.

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Neetu Bhatia

Neetu G. Bhatia is an emerging writer best known for her first published fictional low content e-book ‘SAREE’ (English and Hindi edition) on Amazon Kindle.

This is the first time she has written a book on adjective learning.

Neetu is a Master of Arts in English (study of Literature and Language). She has seven years of experience as an English teacher and almost eight years as a Quality Analyst in the CSS department with an MNC. After taking her career break, she restarted her career as a writer. Along with the study of the English language, she also has a special interest in the literature of English, Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu languages. She aims to share her learning and experiences through her books. She believes that there is no age and no limit to learning and this can be made possible and easier through reading and writing books. 

‘Enhance Vocabulary Through Adjectives’ is her good attempt to help the learners enhance their vocabulary in an innovative as well as effective way. This book is a must-read.

Hope that the readers would like her simple, expository, and descriptive writing style.