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From Treatments for Illness to Yog for Wellness Stop outsourcing your health and tap into the power within you to be healthy, NOW

Author Name: Garima Gupta Kapila | Format: Paperback | Genre : Health & Fitness | Other Details
You’re at the right place, right now, IF … - You want true health – physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual - You want your body, energy, mind and emotions to support you in living your potential - You want to cut through the clutter of conflicting wellness ‘tips’ received everyday - You’re tired of chasing health ‘goals’ through dieting, gym-ming and running - You want wellbeing to be your default state of being, and not a goal to chase If YOU are ready to stop being taken for a ride, and get in the driver’s seat of your journey to wellbeing, then this series of guidebooks is for you. To be your companion in the journey towards wellbeing, irrespective of your age, background, ailment or health issue. The Secret Sauce - Yog The “secret sauce” to reversing ailments, to being healthier than we were ten years ago, to thriving and reaching our potential is Yog. Yog is NOT Yoga. “Yoga”, the “modern” oversimplified version of Yog, is a set of physical contortions - Asanas and Pranayama. Yog is a system for living, not just practices for wellness. Adapted to today's context, Yog can make us achieve far more than just reversal of dis-eases. About the ‘From Yoga to Yog’ Series: This 5-part series of books gives an insight into yog - the science to remove the root cause behind “dis-ease” and restore internal harmony. Well-being and harmony in our external reality is a natural outcome of this state.
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Garima Gupta Kapila

Garima’s motto in life is for all to live fully and freely. She wishes for all people to reach their potential, from a place of internal harmony of the body, vital energy, mind and emotions. Several health problems led Garima reluctantly to the path of Yoga in 2007, but this turned out to a blessing in disguise. Along with reversing her debilitating backpain, menstrual irregularities, weight gain and a genetic skin condition, she also got herself educated in the deep science of wellness, through Yoga and allied tools. A PostGraduate Diploma (Yoga Therapy) from India's only Yoga University and a certified Life Coach from from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Garima has enjoyed every step of her life journey as an engineer, management consultant, development sector practitioner, life and health coach. Garima graduated from IIT Delhi in 2005 and started her career as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company’s India practice. In 2008, Garima joined Teach For India (TFI)’s core start-up team, setup and managed operations in Mumbai and managed its subsequent scale-up. Garima joined Swasth Foundation in 2012, heading multiple verticals over the next 3 years focussing on improving performance & productivity, institutionalizing systems & processes as well as training staff for scale. In 2015, she took up the role as the COO and Trustee of Swasth, overseeing Operations & Quality Improvement. Combining her knowledge and experiences has led to Swasth Yog Institute, which aims to build ecosystems that enable all to be in internal and external harmony. It’s flagship course “Sanjeevani” on which this series of books is based has led to reversal of over a dozen types of ailments of participants since 2017.


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