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Just a Miracle (Colour) My Tryst with Infertility

Author Name: Neena George | Format: Paperback | Genre : Health & Fitness | Other Details

It's a privilege to be a woman. Gifted with the ability to procreate, she stands apart. 

Being able to carry a child and become a mother is a dream for most women. When dreams don’t become realities, life seems meaningless. Using her own journey, Neena George in her memoir Just a Miracle – My Tryst with Infertility shares the roller-coaster ride she endured. She aims to bridge the literary gap about the associated stigma, societal pressures and emotional trauma which are hardly talked about.

The book provides stress relief, support, hope and even encourages the reader to cling on to life, faith and love, especially when you’re at a cross-road and the end seems too far. Her experiences give an insight not only into the strategies to effectively handle infertility, but also any situation in life across the barriers of age, gender and background. 

The journey would resonate with many, make them understand how fortunate they are and would highlight the importance of being more empathetic and sensitive to others facing challenges.

Rising like a phoenix each time she hit a roadblock, forms an integral part of her narrative. 

The book concludes with many learnings and takeaways. You’re sure to draw inspiration to pursue your dreams with rock-solid determination and faith despite all odds.

It’s all about understanding your potential and empowering yourself to handle situations. After all, everything is just a mind game.

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Neena George

Neena George, married to a Naval Officer, hails from Kottayam, Kerala and has done her Masters in English Literature. She has donned various hats over the last three decades ranging from a Lecturer at a junior college to ground staff of an airline followed by a long stint of entrepreneurship at New Delhi and Kochi which includes teaching Abacus, Vedic Maths and Life skills. 

A Life Transformation Coach and Speaker who specialises in relationships and helping infertile couples. She is an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) trainer as well.

She spends most of her time working for differently-abled kids which has been her forte. She was conferred with the Rotary Shreshtacharya award in recognition of the same. One of her stellar achievements has been teaching abacus to a deaf child through lip reading. She has also been the coordinator of Sankalp – a school for the differently-abled kids of Naval personnel for many years.

Designing has always been her stress buster, and she is well known for her self-designed sarees and dresses. An avid gardener and an artist with a deep interest in cooking, baking, travel and an even greater passion to contribute to society.