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Corporate Comedy

by Thobias

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

The saber-rattling ‘Knight’ and the family lore of the ‘Errant Father’ make for amusing reading.

How did the ‘Mermaid’ with its superlative striking power end up in its watery grave?

The action packed account of the conquest of ‘Mount Everest’ floating in the Bay of Bengal is a thrilling experience.

The ‘Smoke Stack Tyrant’ and the ‘Tin Soldier’ are relics of a corporate culture in bygone years.

What did Gurucharan find in the meadows where the eves graze?

Corporate Comedy is all that you need for a guilty pleasure – an interesting narrative married to anecdotes, warped and woven, with a subtle sense of humour.


Thobias is a natural in storytelling. He is an engineer turned salesman. His journey through the corridors of public sector undertakings in India brought him in contact with many interesting persons and hilarious episodes. The story teller in him found profound meaning in many of these episodes and enchanted his colleagues and friends with his unique narrative style. This debut attempt at writing filled up the void in his retirement.



Corporate Comedy





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