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Leading Self and Others For Individual and Group Higher Accomplishments

by Venkatesh S

Format: Paperback

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Many have this question-whether a leader is born or made. Actually neither is true, a leader is one who chooses to become one. Whether you are a student working on a new project or involved in a sports team, a graduate looking for a coveted job in your dream organization, an entry/ middle level employee or c-suite officer wanting to progress in your career, you need to successfully develop and project leadership traits to accomplish the common goal. In this concise yet comprehensive book, you will find right guidance on leading yourself to major accomplishments and leading a group of people or a whole organization without formal title in an effective way. Venkatesh S, through this lucidly written book explains how personal mastery can be attained to lead your life successfully and possess the must-have leadership traits to lead others successfully.

Venkatesh S is a Human Resources professional, co-founder of Marvel Leadership India – a Chennai based nonprofit organization focused on spreading leadership wisdom to the unreached persons. He helps others to improve their leadership ability and personal goal accomplishment through seminars, keynote speaking, one-on-one consulting, and blogging. He continuously performs extensive research on leadership and productivity improvement to support others to become the best version than ever before. He is a graduate of the University of Madras.




Leading Self and Others





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