sibling relationship books

11 Popular Novels that Explore Sibling Relationships

Siblings they are our best friends as well as our worst enemies. If you have elder sibling(s), you would have already gotten a sneak-peek on how your future would be; from bullying to dating, from fashion to football, they give us tips on everything. If you are parenting siblings, you will definitely know the challenges and rewards of raising them. With Rakshabandhan around the corner, we have compiled a list ...

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bangalore book clubs

Bangalore book clubs that every bookworm should join

The garden city of India, Bangalore, is known for its beautiful weather, amazing food, vibrant culture, and an impeccable fashion sense. However, a lesser known fact about this popular city is that it is home to several literary icons like Preeti Shenoy, Malathi Rao, Anita Nair, and Mahesh Dattani. The literary side of the city is quite active and book releases and public readings are common occurrences. Additionally, book lovers ...

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Iconic Libraries in India

11 Iconic Libraries In India That Will Leave You Spellbound

Libraries are beautiful. Apart from the knowledge and exposure they offer, the mere architecture of these structures are majestic; therefore, to bookaholics, libraries are a place of worship or even heaven. As if just being amidst thousands of books isnt enough, libraries double our joy by their silence, altruistic environment and awe-inspiring architecture. India, known for its history and heritage, has some of the best libraries in the world that ...

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Iconic book covers that inspired a generation

9 Iconic Book Covers That Inspired A Generation

Never judge a book by its cover. This is a well known and often preached about proverb. While we may or may not follow this for deeper aspects, most of us are guilty of judging a book by its cover when we see it for the first time.When at a bookstore, most of us consciously or unconsciously single out books that have catchy covers, quirky titles and/or intriguing taglines. Books ...

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T V series adapted from books

5 popular T.V series adapted from books

There is always a constant tussle between book lovers and telly watchers. You constantly hear the book lovers complaining how the book was better and how the show just ruined it for them. For which the show watchers aggressively shoo them away fearing spoilers. Why does this sound familiar? That's because we have all been there and done that. Here is a list of 5 popular T.V series adapted from ...

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mumbai book clubs

Mumbai Book clubs that every bookworm should join

Mumbai reminds us of many things: Bollywood, beaches, fashion, shopping, food, monsoon, and what not! The most populous city of India is well-known for its literary population too. With famous authors like Devdutt Patnaik, Salman Rushdie, Shobhaa De, and Anant Pai hailing from this beautiful city, the city is one of the most book-loving cities in India. With a lot of book clubs that are functioning for years now, Mumbai ...

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books to read on a holiday

Top 11 books to read while on a holiday

A correlation between books and holidays has always existed. Every vacation is defined by a book that you could never let go off. Losing yourself in a good book while relaxing on the beach or sitting near a French window, overlooking the garden could be one of the most refreshing holiday experiences. From Missouri to Milan, authors help transport their readers to another realm without passports. Choosing the right set ...

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struggles of a struggling author

Struggles of a struggling Author

Writing is not a day job, that you can finish and get paid by the month end. It is a journey. From conceiving the idea to publishing the book, an author goes through a lot. If you are an author, struggling literally and figuratively, you will relate to some or all of this. This is a funny take on the struggles that authors face and not hurt anyone's feelings. Presenting ...

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writing rituals

Crazy Rituals of Famous Authors

Famous authors are not only famous for their bestselling novels, but also for their wit, knowledge, passion, and various other skills. One of such various other skills is having notoriously crazy writing rituals. From Victor Hugo to Dan Brown, many authors have crazy habits when it comes to writing. After all, masterpieces cannot be sculpted without abrasives. From lying down to standing up, from steaming infinite espresso shots to rotten ...

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best books for history buffs

10 Amazing Historical Fiction Books For Every History Buff

Historical fiction, whether or not you consider yourself a fan of this genre, you cannot deny the  popularity it has gained in the recent times. Generally speaking, any story that is set in a time period in the past or  is set in the backdrop of historical events can be called Historical Fiction, however,  the criteria for genre selection  is less stringent. Since, we call it historical fiction, it means ...

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