writers cafe

9 Ideal Writer’s Cafe and Spots in Chennai

We hope you loved reading our previous blog '9 Cafés and Spots in Bangalore Ideal for a Writer.' We are back with more ideal writer's cafe and spots in Chennai.The Chennai literature scene does not need any introduction. From the famous Hindu Lit Fest to the incredible Chennai Book Fair, Chennai is known for being bibliophile-friendly. Also, read our blog on 9 Cafes and Spots in Mumbai Ideal for a Writer. All ...

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writers retreat

Why Is It Important For Authors To Take A Retreat?

Being a writer in the current generation is quite stress-free and straightforward. From editing to distributing your books, you can leave all the worries to your book publisher, just sit back and write your heart out.  However, that being said, the art of writing itself is not exactly an easy job. A writer has to battle a number of roadblocks on his path to writing out a good manuscript, starting ...

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Teacher-Student Relationships books

11 Books that Explore Teacher-Student Relationships

School days are truly unforgettable. The friends we make, the interesting subjects we learn, the fun, the mischief, and, of course, the teachers stir up nostalgia. We've all had that one teacher who livened up the classroom and made learning both fun and knowledgeable, while playing role model, mentor and guide.Books,our best teachers, have a lot to teach about teachers. Let's take a look at some classic books that explore ...

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moms words of wisdom

8 Favourite Moms from books and their Words of Wisdom

No matter how old we are, our mothers will always be one of our best friends and our true protector at all times. It is quite difficult to survive without them! Right? This sentiment is shared by several famous characters from books. Here is a list of the favourite moms from books and their Words of Wisdom. Sally Jackson in Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan Sally Jackson Percy Jackson’s mother and is ...

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book clubs in hyderabad

Hyderabad Book Clubs Every Bookworm Should Join

Hyderabad’s rich association with literature dates all the way back to the 15th Century; when the Qutb Shahi Dynasty encouraged the growth of Decani Urdu in poetry. Hyderabad, which is more famously known as the city of Nizams, owes its cultural heritage to the  150-yearlong rule of the Nizams. They brought Hyderabad to the centre stage of elegant and soulful arts, and literature and that legacy continue to shine till ...

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writing spots

9 Cafes and Spots in Bangalore Ideal for a Writer

We hope you loved reading our previous blog on “9 Cafes and Spots in Mumbai Ideal for a Writer.” Yes, just like our city-wise book clubs series, we are going to bring to you city-wise list of cafes and spots that will be ideal for writers. No matter whether you are going to write or catch up with your city’s literary circle, these cafes and places are just perfect. We have ...

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New year resolutions

10 New Year Resolutions That Every Book Lover Should Take

Another year has gone by, and there is no better time than now to take some solid resolutions, is there? No, we are not talking about the “no more donuts”, "I’ll do 10,000 steps a day", "I’ll do yoga every day" kind of resolutions. We are recommending some fun and interesting resolutions that you would love to take and stick to. If you are a book lover, you will definitely know ...

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reading biographies

Unique biographies that you need to read

A biography is an account of a person's life and what makes it an interesting read is that it transports us back in time and teaches us valuable lessons. Biographies of famous personalities are highly quotable and truly inspiring. Reading biographies can also inspire any budding writer. While its hard to compile a list of all the biographies out there, we have made a list of some of the most ...

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pune book clubs

Pune Book Clubs Every Bookworm Should Join

Ask any Punekar about a good read, and you're sure to be entertained for hours and hours of conversation. No matter the genre or age, Pune is right up there on the charts as a city with a whole bunch of voracious readers. Being the cosy next-door-neighbour to Mumbai, it's not surprising that the Pune demographic of young, hungry, trendy and tech-savvy individuals have a literacy culture. That culture has passed ...

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kolkata book clubs

Kolkata Book Clubs & Fairs Every Bookworm Should Join

Birds of a feather flock together, or in this case, worms of a wiggle wriggle along. Are you the kind of bookworm who enjoys intellectual debates and discussions over various genres of literature? Then you must be on the lookout for book clubs and actively participate in annual book fairs.Being the cultural capital of India, it's no surprise that Kolkata is high up on a book lover's list of places ...

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Jeffrey Archer book

13 Books to Read if You’re a Jeffrey Archer Fan

The release of Kane and Abel took the literary world by storm. Crime thriller lovers spent endless hours immersed in the compelling story of William Lowell Kane and Abel Rosnovski; their powerfully written characterization and a plot that sees them get tangled in a 60-year power struggle on the background of war, marriage, fortune and disaster. If you enjoy the quirky writing style, set in plausibly realistic and relatable backgrounds, ...

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Booker Prize winning books

9 Booker Prize Winning Books That You Must Read

Formerly known as the Booker-McConnell Prize, The Man Booker Prize for Fiction, simply known as the Booker Prize, is an annual literary prize awarded for the best original novel written in the English language. Renowned internationally for its success and significance in the literary circle, Booker Prize is greeted with anticipation and fanfare. Initially started as an award only for Commonwealth, Irish, and Zimbabwean countries, this prize is now open ...

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Book Villains

9 Book Villains We Love to Hate

Have you ever felt that you wanted to enter into the book that you are reading and kill that one character that has been snobby, annoying, and cold throughout? Yes, we have felt that way as well. From being a stone cold person to having evil motives against innocent souls, literary villains have been a pain not only to the protagonists but also to the readers.There are some really charismatic ...

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become great writer

Seven books to read to become a great writer

These days, there are a plenty of online tools that make writing an easy job. From grammar correction to plagiarism detection, everything is just a click away. However, is writing that easy? If you are in the literary field, you will know that the answer to the above question is NO. These tools do aid in the writing process, but the actual idea of what to write and how to write ...

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book adaptations

Oscar nominated movies based on books

Adapting successful books into movies has been practiced for a long time now by filmmakers globally, but have you noticed the recent trend of book-adapted movies bagging Oscars?   Movies that are adapted from novels have always proved successful in grabbing top honors at the elite awards ceremony time and again. But even T.V series that are adapted from books seem to be garnering a lot of interest. Right from Forrest Gump ...

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books by women for women

Great Books Written About Women by Women

Vanquishing conventional stereotypes, women in today's world have made deep impressions in all areas of study, play and research. Women's literature has always been a genre near and dear to the hearts of many. Numerous powerful female centric classics have had women authors who have written with such vigor and passion that their tales feel almost lifelike. We bring to you a list of 15 of the greatest books written ...

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