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Rantings of a Girl’s Mind

by Jahnavi Sharma

Format: Paperback

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A stormy night, full of roaring thunder and lightning.

The sound of pages flapping against one another.

Rain drops tapping at the window.

A sketchy noise of a pencil tip scribbling on a page.

Paper crumbs scattered all over the floor.

A shabby bed.

A cupboard left open.

A littered room.

A messy desk.

Clothes lying all around.

Thoughts and ideas and bulbs blinking haphazardly.

Welcome to the mind of a girl, a girl with crazy ideas, weird observations and an even funnier life.

Jahnavi Sharma is a sixteen year old girl, living in New Delhi, India. She is an avid reader and loves to write and sing as well. She has written several books on Wattpad, an e-book community. Jahnavi has always had a knack for expressing her thoughts through writing. She usually writes teen fictions, poetry and short stories about her family and people she comes across in life. She also has a passion for social service and is a volunteer at Manthan, a holistic education program for underprivileged children.



Rantings of a Girl’s Mind





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