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Author Name: MOONLIGHT | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Others | Other Details

Things mums must say when I reach home after school


Would you like some maple syrup?

I’ve kept your device charged to play.

You may call in sick at school tomorrow.

There are toaster pastries for dinner today.

Go paint the walls.

Call your friends for a sleepover.

If you have ever been a child or are childlike, and treasure innocence and spontaneity, take this book home! Relish the wholesome innocuous everyday life of every child in bites. This keepsake is a reminder to enjoy being a child.

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Ritu Rahul Rathod / Moonlight is a mentor to children and teaches them how to learn. In creative writing, she coaches students to emphasize on narrative craft, character development and use of powerful vocabulary, literary tropes and various traditions of poetry and poetics. She encourages children to become accountable global citizens, and assists with admissions to world universities. Moonlight has mentored over 10,000 children worldwide in her 36 years of teaching experience.



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