NP Recommends: Why you will love No Murder Tonight

Is No Murder Tonight a Movie Masquerading as a Book? The interests of an aspiring pilot, a vengeful orphan, an insulted business tycoon, two CBI officers, an imprisoned convict and his henchmen, a young rape victim and a pimp, all converge at 47A, Harrington Road when each of them target the sleazy, corrupt Power Minister Salem Palanisaami for their own reasons. Vengeance, money, karma or hamartia – which one of these ...

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NP Recommends: Why you will love The Third Mumbai

Highlights: Title: The Third Mumbai Author: Philipose Thomas Genre: Apocalyptic Fiction, Thriller The earth looks calm from space. Its majestic rotation continues on its eternal journey—a serene sight.  From the high sky, all looks well over the Indian subcontinent with its unmistakable jutting coastline. The ethereal vision is suddenly muddled by a mushroom-shaped cloud arising from the west coast of the Mumbai peninsula.  Shortly thereafter, similar clouds arise. This time, they're over Islamabad and Karachi. Political relations ...

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NP Recommends: Why you will love the Earth of Illusions.

Highlights: Title: The Earth of Illusions Author:Nano P Bott and S. Dave Genre: Sci-fi, Thriller, Drama No one would believe if one told another that balance exists in this world. Imperfect beings are complete while perfection is incomplete. The biggest threat to the unfortunate ones is themselves. Their wars and disputes have led to warfare by annihilation, causing the wary ones to frequently interfere. Demon, Yokai, and the Mythological Beast are quite adept at ...

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NP Recommends: Why you will love ‘The Misfit’

Highlights: Title: The Misfit Author: Swati Pareek Genre: Romance, Coming-of-age Divya Singhani is a plus-size 25-year-old who grows up devoid of motherly affection. Her businessman father has no time for her and her indifferent step-mother misses no opportunity to ridicule her. Just when she thinks she has met the love of her life, doubts creep between friends and her life crumbles down. How Divya moves to New York determinedly to overcome these hurdles and ...

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NP Recommends: Why you will love The Small Hours

Highlights: Title: The Small Hours Author: Palak Loyalka Genre: Thriller, Drama The Small Hours is a book that explores the depths of emotion in terms that are heavy yet simple. This book brings out the reader's inner artist/poet/dreamer with the way it describes each feeling in its entire poetic splendor. Reading this book is also certain to make readers listen to their own heart and soul. “No problem. You can help me find the wood for the bonfire! ...

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NP Recommends: Why you will love Flash Point

Noun: Flash point A place, event, or time at which violence or hostility flares up. Highlights: Title: Flash Point Author: Akash Joshi Genre: Thriller, Drama “Sometimes, it does not matter if you look back at the past or not. You are forced to look because the past comes in front of you and stares back.” Is there something such as a perfect crime, especially when karma deals you a hand in your lifetime? Jeet Malhan, a few days away from dying, is ...

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Author Spotlight: Dr. Mysore Ambashankar- Corporate Strategy and New Realities

  Dr Mysore Ambashankar is the Dean and Director “ Academics of Gupta College of Management and Technology, Bangalore specializing in Corporate Strategy, Organizational Behavior and Marketing apart from other management subjects. He is an Engineering Professional and has to his credit PhD and DSc in Management and Organizational Psychology respectively. Has more than three decades of combined experience in Corporates and in Academia and this expertise helps students to understand ...

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Author Spotlight: Sudha Ramanathan- Suspended

  From being part of a ladies drama troupe specialising in male roles, to writing plays, from living on a remote island near Madagascar to skydiving from 18,000 feet, Sudha Ramnathan has quite the penchant for crafting experiences. She has formed a Theatre club Indardanush made of Indian expats in Tanzania, Africa. She has also written, directed and staged three plays in Indian English there. While others like her drew up ...

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Lolita Jude

Author Spotlight: Lolita Jude – Spectra

  Ms.Lolita Jude, an enthusiast has been into the field of teaching for the past 25 years. She is a passionate teacher and an avid reader who loves to make the lives of children a galaxy of wonders and amusements thereby imbibing values and lessons for life. She has authored a book Poems for all Seasons in 2013 and she is now all set to spark the children with her new ...

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Rinita Jain

Author Spotlight: Rinita Jain- Life Skills for Teenagers

  Dr. Rinita Jain is a consultant Psychologist and an educator. She has taught, counselled and trained students, teachers and parents. Her fine understanding of student specific problems across all age groups, i.e. primary, adolescent, college and university led her to opt for the recently developed SBT (Solution Based Therapy) for finding a way to deal with the obstacles of life. She is presently working with Parenstor Education Pvt. Ltd and ...

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Inderjit Kaur

Author Spotlight: Inderjit Kaur – Elements of Life

Inderjit Kaur is an author, inspirational guide with powerful voice of spreading positive quotes through her tweets and Blogs. With a life changing epiphany from a poet at the very young age of 9 years, she remarked the page of writing as an editor of college magazine during her post-graduation in science, Mumbai University. Writing being a passion made her perceptions changed forever, while being in adversities she launched her debut book ...

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Jasmeet Chhabra

Author Spotlight: Jasmeet Chhabra – Norman Pinglepop

Jasmeet Chhabra continues to be passionate about his private equity investment career, and yet finds solace and sanity in his writings. Distinct from the writings on his professional calling, real estate, in leading mainline dailies and journals, his parallel fiction, an inquiry into the nature and evolution of the human thinking and beliefs, is often an imaginative journey through characters that are in effect each one of us jumping from one time ...

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R S Raghavan

Author Spotlight: R S Raghavan- RISK, The Business Driver in Banks

  R S Raghavan (60), a Science graduate with Chartered Accountancy and CAIIB as professional qualifications, was born in Chennai and had his schooling in P S High School, Mylapore and graduated in Science from A M Jain collage, Meenambakkam, Chennai. Taking it as a personal challenge, he switched over his discipline to commerce and became the first in the large family to become Chartered Accountant. He has travelled extensively across the country ...

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paris book festival

Authors journey from self publishing to being mentioned in Paris Book Festival

The Paris Book Festival 2016 happened not so long ago and among books written by some of the greatest writers in the world, A Middle Class Dream, a book penned by an Indian settled abroad, namely, Kamlesh Thakur, was one of the noteworthy honourable mentions. The story of a boy raised in a typical Indian family in Mumbai and later in Chennai, this book deals with the struggles typical for many. ...

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srinath krishnamoorthy

How Srinath sold hundreds of copies of his book

To write is to live a million lives within reads the subtitle of his blog. We are talking about Srinath Krishnamoorthy, the enthusiastic lad who came all the way from Palakkad, Kerala to New Delhi with a single intention to promote and take his book to the masses. Srinath stayed through the entire event and made sure he gained recognition by connecting with his Target Audience. And we're happy to say ...

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Kushal Shah

Author Spotlight: Kushal Shah – All In

Kushal Shah is an author, business leader, management coach and a financial strategist with extensive experience in Finance, Economics, Decision Sciences and Outsourcing Strategies. Over the last 14 years, Kushal has helped reputed banking, financial services, insurance and e-commerce companies in improving their financial performance and restructuring their balance sheets through applications of decisions sciences. All In is his debut in fiction and creative writing, one of his key areas ...

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