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Concentration and Detachment Two of the most powerful Human abilities coming together to teach you the secret of work

Author Name: Sarthak Patel | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

An act of deep concentration is the demonstration of the intense fire that one carries within. To be immersed in the world and yet be perfectly detached is the demonstration of the wisdom of life. Yet we are never trained to develop such powerful abilities that we already have.

This book explores the subjects of 'Concentration and Detachment' in a fundamental way and gives practical insights on developing them. It turns out that by developing these two abilities at best, one can master the secret of work. We commonly see that work, for most people, leads to stress and frustration. But with concentration and detachment abilities work becomes an experience of joy and liberation. It gives inner happiness and an experience of the state of flow. With these perfect instruments, it becomes natural to create a work-life balance in a culture where work is too emphasized.

Designed as a composition of words, Zen stories, graphics, scenarios, and my insights, this book is an enjoyable journey to understanding the most fundamental abilities of the human mind. Having so much variety of concepts, this book is a suitable read for anyone above the age of 13. Students can learn to enhance their concentration skills using the practical tools given in the book. Working individuals get a much better understanding of how to maintain a work-life balance by learning the secret of work. People of older age can extract deep spiritual ideas related to concentration and detachment given in book

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Sarthak Patel

I am on a journey to master my mind. It is a joy to shape one's mind to growth and freedom. Freedom is the ultimate goal! While I walk this path, I share with others a deep knowledge of the human mind that I gain along the way. I am writing books on various beautiful abilities that the human mind already has. Each book I write gives a wonderful insight into the chosen topic.

I am also a blogger. I write about ideas related to psychology, spirituality, beautiful lessons from masters, and my learnings from their words. The blog is truly inspiring. The name is ‘Amorphous narratives’ and the address is https://amorphousnarratives.wordpress.com/.

I am a chess player, twice "Open Gujarat state chess champion" in 2015 and 2016. I graduated as an Architect from CEPT University, Ahmedabad in 2018. I am also a little bit of a musician who plays and composes joyful melodies on his keyboard piano. I am involved in a lot of creative work, but my heart always belonged to the study of the mind and finding out “Who I really am.” I have had a deep interest in psychology and spirituality.

I realize that the world needs a better understanding and training of the mind. So I have taken up this responsibility to bring deep knowledge of the mind to the world in the best way that I can. I realize that I am capable of shaping the minds for well-being, strength, freedom, wisdom, and high performance.