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Anu Lal

Anu Lal is a bestselling author, book reviewer and blogger. His recent book, You Should Know How I Feel... has been a bestseller Contemporary Romance in Amazon ebooks, and paperback. He is the first Indian author to write a trilogy in short story collections in English: 'Hope, Vengeance and History' trilogy. The first book in this trilogy is Wall of Colours and Other Stories, which is published in July 2013. One of his recent short stories has appeared in Whisperings Magazine, published from the US. His nonfiction articles and works of fiction appear in many reputed online journals and webpages. His blog, 'The Indian Commentator' is one of India's leading blogs. Also a very successful educator, he works as a Lecturer in English at a major institution in Kannur, Kerala. He loves music, art, books, and above all, the incessant desire to write. Anu Lal's upcoming books are The Next Big Idea; Clenched Hands, Bloody Nails (Book-2 in the Hope, Vengeance and History Trilogy) and The World Called Heart (a collection of love poems). Contact Anu Lal at: anulal05@gmail.com Blog: http://anu-lal.blogspot.com/ Also at Facebook; LinkedIn; Twitter; and Google Plus.

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